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How was the Holocaust possible? The occurrence of the event of the Holocaust was a very complex situation. It was possible only through the economic state of Germany at the time and the promises of Hitler to fix all of the nations problems. This started with guarantees to different economic groups to Increase each of their Industries. Hitler then promised to regain Germany’s honor by destroying the Treaty of Versailles. During this time he managed to biblically blame the Jews for all of the nations problems, resulting in their persecution.

People thought that Hitter’s antimissile was just talk and a scapegoat for the troubles of the country. But few realized that the talk would result in very severe actions. Though there was no major reason for Hitter’s hatred of the Jewish people, but considered the Jewish people a race, which wanted to gain world domination. According to the Nazi party this would then result In the decline of the Aryan race, therefore they had to be extinct. That was an understandable blame to understand for the German people at the time, therefore their persecution started.

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The Holocaust was able to continue for so long because other countries did not want o intervene, even though they knew what was occurring. Other countries did not take action to help the Jews and other people being prosecuted, such as Gypsies, Christians and the disabled, until their own countries began to be invaded and It was realized that If that did not stop nothing else would. The Holocaust would never have been as successful or as detrimental if Addle Hitler had not been the head of the Nazi party at the time. Hitler came to power in 1921.

This was a result of his challenge to the then current leader, Anton Drexel, who put up a fight, but eventually realized that Addle Hitler was destined to lead. In 1923 Hitler realized that due to Inflation running high, it would be a good time to take control of German. This would be easy because they country was desperate for change and people felt like the Country needed to gain more power again. After a failed attempt to hold a rally in Munich, which resulted in a brief prison sentence, Hitler promised to solve all the nations problems, These included higher prices for produce for the farmers, to make up for that lost in the depression.

He promised the unemployed Jobs building infrastructure such as roads and stadiums and he remised the middle class to restore the profits of small business and the value of savings (to end the communist threat). Hitler also announced the promise to destroy the Treaty of Versailles to rebuild the honor of Germany. This lead to the Nazi party coming Into power in 1933 (Yelled, School History). It became very easy for the Jews to become the main group of people to be persecuted. This was due to a long-standing denomination of the Jewish people, making It easy for Germans to believe the propaganda and rumors about the Jews.

There were also many conspiracy theories created to continue the delimitation against Jewish people. These included Jews being blamed for the loss of World War the Nazi party to express their antimissile and views that Jewish people were an imperfect and in superior race that would take over the Aryan race should have been the superior race 0. McCarthy, The Holocaust History Project, 2004). Germans as a nation also had a tradition of obedience to the authority figures. Conformity to group norms was widely accepted and there was deliberate training for acceptance of the violence again Jews.

Jews also lost their German citizenship, which gave patriotic Germans more of a reason to persecute the Jews because they were no longer legally German (E. Sterling, Life in the Ghettos during the Holocaust). The holocaust was only able to happen because of the minimal resistance that the Jews attempted at the beginning. Many Holocaust scholars, such as Rail Hilbert, are very critical of Jewish wartime resistance for not recognizing the dangers and the possible outcome of the Nazi actions, which resulted in the extermination on millions of Jewish people.

Jewish wartime resistance also failed to organize counter measures once they had realized what was beginning to occur. There has been a lot of debate as to why people put in Ghettos during the holocaust made minimal attempts for resistance (J. Skirmish, To Live With Honor And Die With Honor). Ghettos were areas in Germany that were designated areas for Jewish people to live so they were segregated from the non-Jewish communities. These were much more open and less guarded by Nazi officers than the concentration camps.

The accessibility to weapons was much higher in the Ghettos than concentrations camps, so it was not understood why more did not try to revolt against the Nazis. Though there was some resistance n the Ghettos, it was understood that people were either too afraid to up rise or expected that the war would end soon so it was easier for them to Just live in those conditions rather than to fight the authorities (Corn’, Gustavo. Hitter’s Ghettos: Voices from a Beleaguered Society). According to some Jewish scholars there was resistance measures used, but not of the aggressive or active kind.

Head Bauer believed in the importance of passive resistance. This was able to happen by the Jews that was incarcerated doing something as simple as staying alive. Other common ways to perform passive resistance was to write. Underground newspapers were formed as well as writing about the atrocities in letters that were smuggled out for family members to read, though the efforts of trying to alert the world clearly fell short. Another reason why the Nazis were able to get the Jewish people into concentration camps so easily was because Jews were often lied to about where they were being taken.

Going to a place of work was a popular story told to Jewish people to make them get onto trains taking them to concentration camps. Happy music was some times also played when entering a concentration camp to give a feeling of safety to revert any rebellions (Trunk, 1. , Juddered: The Jewish Councils in Eastern Europe under Nazi Occupation). A major factor as to why the Holocaust was able to take place was that people outside of Germany and the effected European countries did not realist the extent to which people were being treated.

At the beginning of the holocaust the news of the atrocities that were occurring were unable to be broadcast to anyone that would on Jewish people activity that they had opportunity and people that not restricted were either working as or with the Nazis, or they were too afraid of the percussions. Information that was able to be leaked was often not believable because of the carnage that was occurring. This was because Germany had a reputation of being a highly civilized and no one though that what they were hearing was occurring could have been true.

Even as countries began to realize the extent of which the holocaust was happening, they chose not to take action to help the people at risk immediately. Many countries refused to allow more Jewish refugees at the time of the holocaust, if any, even though they knew of the atrocious situations they were in. Most countries only allowed their regular amount of refugees, even though tens of thousands more applied. Countries such as the United States did not even fill their regular quota for immigrants and refugees, let alone increase it for the desperate Jewish refugees seeking safety.

In December 1942 the allies issued a condemnation of the actions Nazis were taking against the Jews, but that was the only declaration of the sorts made up until 1944 when the War Refugee Board was created. The War Refugee Board was created for the purpose of saving people persecuted by the Nazis as quickly as possible (Disavowing, L. S. The War Against the Jews 1933-1945). There were many factors contributing to the occurrence of the holocaust. It could never have happened without the leadership of Addle Hitler. His leadership in the time of economic downturn after the First World War seemed like something that Germany needed at the time.

The Nazi party promises to make things better for each economic group was a major factor in their coming to power. Jewish people were able to become the targeted victims of the holocaust because at the time the slander that Hitler was publicized. Accusations such as Jewish people were a lesser ace, therefore if they bred with the Aryan race it would make them impure, so Jewish people need to be segregated and exterminated. There had been long standing denomination of Jewish people in Germany, making the accusations seem more realistic.

There had also been a longstanding tradition of obedience in German society. This conformity to group norms meant that it was easy for people to segregate the Jewish people and show anti-Semitism. There was also deliberate training for tolerance of the violence for people who were enunciating at the beginning. A major factor that made the Holocaust possible was that the people regarded did not stand up for themselves or were not capable of standing up for themselves. There have been a lot of criticisms of the wartime resistance for not recognizing the dangers earlier, if at all.

Many say that there should have been counter measures put into place when it was realized what was happening. One of the most common arguments about the holocaust was if other countries came to the Jewish people and other victimized peoples aid quickly enough. If the allies had have come to help earlier or when they found out of the atrocities that were occurring, there definitely would have been less blood shed. It is recognized though that it was very hard to get information about what was happening at the time and how to go about helping so many people across such a large area.

An appropriate way to have countries, but many countries did not do that, let alone reach their actual refugee limit. There were many elements that made the holocaust possible. It was definitely not due to Just one factor and definitely could have been prevented. Yelled, School History, http://www. Schoolmaster. Co. UK/yearnings/erstwhile/ Waterproofed. PDF McCarthy, J. , The Holocaust History Project, September 18 2004, http://www. Holocaust- story. Org/questions/how. SHTML Sterling, Eric J. , Life in the Ghettos during the Holocaust.

Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2005. Skirmish, J. , editor. To Live With Honor and Die with Honor! : Selected Documents from the Warsaw Ghetto Underground Archives “O. S. ” (“Ones Sabbath”). Jerusalem: Had Bashes, 1986. Corn’, Gustavo. Hitter’s Ghettos: Voices from a Beleaguered Society 1939-1944. London: Arnold, 2002. Trunk, Isaiah. Juddered: The Jewish Councils in Eastern Europe under Nazi Occupation. New York: Stein and Day, 1977. Disavowing, Lucy S. The War Against the Jews 1933-1945. New York: Bantam Books, 1975

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