Chief Nursing Officer: Is this the Future Assignment

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This the Future Nursing is a large area for opportunity. Over the next couple of years, nurse leaders will be looking to retire. Approximately 55% of nurse leaders will be retiring. There are several nurse leadership positions. At the entry level, one can see filling a role as a supervisor or assistant manager. This role only requires two to three years clinical experience and to have a Register Nurse licenser.

It requires managing day- c)-day operations of a department, learning from experiences, and able to add expertise to particular situations that a rise. At the middle level Is a nurse manager. Experience for this level Is three to five years with a Bachelor’s of Science In Nursing. This person Is the leader of a specific department, can hire staff members wealth, looks at maintaining personnel, quality and service, business growth, finances within the department, and develops a strong relationship among staff. A director level Is an entry-level Into executive leadership.

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The experience required for this level Is five to seven years with a Masters degree In nursing or health or business. This person overseas various departments within the clinical setting, has extensive knowledge of the health care field, and can plan, develop, implement and evaluate the day-to-day operations of the facility. The Chief Nursing Office (CON) is the highest ranking nurse within administration. Coon’s are the right-hand to the Chief Executive Officer. They make sure there is consistency in the practice over the clinical areas.

This leader helps to create an environment, which collaboration holds value, excellence in care, and education and research achievement. They ensure that nurses, within the facility, continue to advance their education and careers. The CON helps in recruitment, retention, recognition of the values the facility stands for, and strives to receive. In conclusion, the CON provides a safe and quality care environment. They mold the environment, which nurse work. Coon’s are the primary architect of the nursing practice.

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