Theoretical Nursing/ Administrative Nursing Assignment

Theoretical Nursing/ Administrative Nursing Assignment Words: 326

THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK FOR NURSING PRACTICE Answer all the questions comprehensively. 1. All nurses have a conceptual model for nursing practice. From the perspective that a nurse needs a clear conceptual model of nursing as a basis for nursing process, identify components of any concepts of nursing that you could use in implementing the nursing process in your area of responsibility. Explain your answer. 2. Enumerate at least three (3) health promoting behavior in which you do not engage.. 2. 1.

Identify your own factors which contribute to your decision not to participate. Include immediate competency alternatives. 3. Apply Henderson’s definition of nursing to your nursing practice. 3. 1. How does the definition reflect your current nursing practice? 3. 2. Based on her definition of nursing, what nursing function and actions are applicable today? Explain 4. Choose one patient in the area/ward where you are currently working. Use Abdellah’s typology of 21 nursing problems to assess the patient, make a nursing diagnosis, and plan intervention. 5.

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From the ten (10 ) concepts that Dorothy Orem’s used in her theory, choose 3 concepts which you can use in patient with pre-eclampsia, 42 years old, G2P3 in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Make a nursing care plan. ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS IN NURSING Answer the Following Questions: 1. Identify and explain at least 3 management theories. Which among these theories will best answer the challenges of nurse managers today? Explain your answer. 2. Are leaders made or born? Justify your answer. 3. Give the following situations, identify the type of leadership style you will adept.

Justify your answer. 3. 1. Dean of the School of Nursing 3. 2. Chief Nurse of a tertiary 100 bed capacity government/private hospital. 3. 3. Head nurse of a hospital unit 3. 4. Member of BON (Board of Nursing) 3. 5. Clinical Instructor general wards 4. What is strategic planning? Why is it important for nurse managers and administrators to learn strategic planning? 5. Explain comprehensively the following characteristics of planning. 5. 1. Planning is based on objectives 5. 2. Planning requires decision making 6. Enumerate and explain the four principles of organizing named by Swansburg.

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