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Important Nursing Skills Even though the fundamental skills of nursing are important, there are many other skills that are Just as important. Most of the many different nursing theories come together as one, which help a nurse provide good nursing care. “The most abstract characteristic of a caring person is somehow responsive to another person as a unique individual, perceives the other’s feelings, and sets one person apart from another” (Blabs & Hayes, 2012, p. 108) Caring and compassion are very important kills that all nurses should have because a patient will know if their nurse is being genuine.

Patients not only want to be cared for, but also cared about. A nurse must also be an active listener. A patient may feel sick or scared about their illness, hospital stay, or Just feel lonely and in need of someone to talk to. A nurse must listen intently to their patient’s needs or concerns even if they do not believe what the patient is talking about is important. To listen intently the nurse must focus on what is being said. Good eye contact is key to active listening and the nurse should void fidgeting or looking around the room while the patient is talking.

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It could appear to the patient that the nurse is not sincerely listening. By using active listening we can create the rapport for a real partnership with patients who have been heard and affirmed (Bryant, 2009, p. 49-52). With out active listening a patient’s fears, concerns, or symptoms could be overlooked and may decrease the quality of care given to the patient. A nurse should also be passionate about the quality of care they are giving. It is easy to pick out a nurse who is passionate about what they do.

They show it in the way they treat and care for their patients, families, and team members. A passionate nurse is committed to giving care. They will follow through with their patients needs even on those busy days when there does not seem to be enough time to do anything else. A nurse should think about how they would want to be treated or how they would want their own family member to be treated, and should then treat the patient in the same way. No one should go into nursing for the money, because most likely their quality of care will be lacking. Nursing care should mom from the heart.

The patient should always be treated with respect, and should never feel like they are a bother. A nurse also has to be a good communicator. A nurse communicates all the time with patients, physicians, and team members. Communicating with the patient is important in order to get a good understanding of the patient’s status upon admission, during their stay, and at discharge. Reports to information so that proper care can be provided. A nurse must also be able to adapt to the various needs of the patient. Each patient may have different personalities, deeds, or even cultural backgrounds.

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