Fidel Castro’s Rise to Power Assignment

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Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926 in Mayari, Cuba. He was born to a wealthy family, who owned a sugarcane plantation, and went to private catholic school as a child. At school he was very smart and his teachers took notice of his great memorization skills. Fidel, the went to the university of Havana, where he majored in law. At the university, he became a member of groups which opposed the Cuban government. After attending school. He became a member of the Orthodoxo party and then campaigned for a seat in the Cuba goverement.

During this time Fulgencio Batista became seized control of Cuba in order to prevent the rise of the Orthodoxos. This angered Fidel and caused him to plot militant action to overthrow him. On July 26, 1953, he led 200 revolutioaries on an attack at the Moncada army baracks in Santiage de Cuba. His plan worked an his group managed to seize weapons and support from citizens until Batista’s government sent reinforcements and killed most of his followers taking the rest prisoners.

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After a year Batista granted all political prisoers amnesty and he was released. Then Fidel moved to Cuba where he began forming another army to overthrow the Cuban government. There he met other revolutionaries, and joined forces with Argentinian Che Guevara who was serving as a medical intern at the time. Along with Guevara Castro assembled a group of eighty-two guerrillas, and called the group the 26th of July in memory of his previous attempt to overthrow the government. On December 2, 1956.

The group sailed into Cuba but were defeated easily by the Cuban army, most of the members of the 26th of July were killed but Fidel and Che were able to escape into the mountains to hide. Over the ext to years they iitiated a propaganda campaign that helped them to gain public support from the people of Cuba. The on January 1, 1959 his group gained enough strength to force Batista to leave Cuba. This is the way the wars are played always headig for a front headig for a front headi

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