Industrial Food: The Ethics of Food Safety Assignment

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The Ethics of Food Safety With the rapid development of international economy, the continuous improvement of people’s material life level requirement, healthy problem more and more get the attention of people. But is closely related to people’s health as food is as we have been the speeding up of industrialization into “industrial food”.

Facing the food safety is becoming more and more severity, countries are trying to through perfecting food safety legal system, strengthening the administrative regulation to stem to the food safety problem, but in the real market economy condition, the operators as the behavior of the individual pursuit of economic interests under the trend of the economic benefits formed the precious twisted ethical values.

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For food safety that a relationship each person’s life health and safety issues in addition to strong state laws and administrative measures also should be people’s values and code of conduct, by establishing a correct concept of food safety ethics value way to awaken the soul of people, thus fundamentally a insurance lock fitted on food safety. The Definition of food safety A safe and secure food system is a public good: this means that an individual benefiting from a safe and secure food system does not reduce availability of the benefit for others and that no one can be effectively excluded from receiving these benefits( Samuelsson 1954).

So far, the academia on food safety is the lack of a clear and unified definition, even the world health organization (who) has a variety of claims. The most popular defined in China that Food safety is defined as should not contain toxic and harmful substances or factors; Accord with human body’s nutritional requirements; Have appropriate sensory properties such as color, aroma, taste and shape. Food safety should be at least three layers of meaning: one is refers to the harmful substances in the food will not cause a harm to human body.

On the second floor food meet the needs of human nutrition and health, get enough from foods and balanced nutrients (such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc. ). Three layer is to meet the needs of the human senses, because of the bad color, aroma, taste and shape will be on consumers’ physical and psychological harm, and even life-threatening. WHO and PACE) have been working jointly since 1963 through the Codex Elementariness Commission to protect consumer health and ensure fair practices in food trade.

Codex establishes international food safety standards, guidelines and best practices. 1 85 Member States participate in the Codex process. In order to ensure that Codex standards are truly global, the Codex Trust Fund was established in 2003 to support the effective participation Of developing and transition-economy countries. Codex standards are established through scientific advice provided by independent international expert meetings convened by FAA and WHO to evaluate risks from microorganisms, chemicals and other food hazards(World Health

Organization 2013). The ethics of food safety principles Subject in ethics of food safety and food safety a series of complete system of social ethics, it is the behavior main body in motives or behaviors for reference and not for the basic judgment, is people to set up the correct food safety ethics value orientation and long-term behavior restraint mechanism is formed. In the food safety problems, mainly involving enterprise producers, government regulators, consumers three aspects.

It involves the principle of fairness and justice, life, health and safety, ethical principles such as respect for human rights. Fairness and justice the human to discuss the theme of the eternal. Food safety problems should also be injected in the concept of fairness and justice and government regulators, consumer and enterprise producers alike shall be in compliance with the principle of fairness and justice of equal rights and responsibilities. Life and health as a foundation for each social member has the most power.

Food safety rather than each member of the social life, health and safety is closely linked, so in on the issue of food security should adhere to the principle of life, health and safety. Food safety in the life, health and safety reminisces mainly refers to follow the ethical subject to life, health and safety the basic principles to deal with people and things, the relationship between the economic interests and life safety. Human rights is a kind of unconditional, has the right in the human nature.

Respect for human rights in the food safety ethics is mainly embodied in the enterprise between producers, government regulators and consumers three respect each other between the ethical subject’s life and health, the independent choice and information to know power, etc. To build mutual respect to achieve “the food to Ann first” ethical spirit. The ethics of food safety practice path Enterprises as well as the “economic man” should also be as “social person”.

First of all, the enterprise to make “economic man” is to obtain economic profits of its unique mission, but the enterprise in the pursuit of economic benefits at the same time should also fulfill its responsibility to “social man”, because the enterprise management behavior is also a kind of social human behavior, members shall be protected in society life, health and safety as its basic principle, the human society to the creation of wealth as the basic target to judge the moral rationality of economic behavior.

Therefore enterprise should strengthen the operator’s operation and management of moral quality training efforts to shape accord with social moral standards of enterprise culture, strengthen the enterprise staff in each layer Of the professional ethics training, so as to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise itself. In the process of establishing socialist new order just want to rely on hard means such as legal and administrative means to ensure the rapid development of the economy is not enough, in this materialistic society pay more attention to from the direction of moral ethics to regulate and guide people’s behavior.

So should in the food safety problems, the government plays a “gatekeeper” role in food safety, the role of in addition to by way of perfecting legislation, strengthening supervision as its responsibility, still should through strengthen the regulation of administrative staff moral cultivation education, set up the civil servants social sense of responsibility and mission, through demonstration, honest, fair, transparent, and the administrative morality, thus for the whole society the moral mechanism of food safety play a leading role.

Food safety not only is the responsibility of the enterprise, government, as nonusers also have the responsibility to strengthen self-discipline of the individual completes the food safety supervision. At the same time, consumers should also set up the correct consumption idea, should not have a price consumption idea is good or bad mistake. When meeting the food safety problem whether harm their own should have the sense of social responsibility, food safety maintenance to resist the problem food, to food safety into the society with the duty of a citizen. Economic and ethical in nature is a unity within.

In economic relations, the coordination principle for moral value of the ethical relationship between objective lies among them; Market mechanism needs to be moral accommodate to its own operation mechanism, so as to realize the “market failure” and “government failure” of the effective correction; Moral evaluation already admit the legitimacy of economic behavior and goodwill, and at the same time keep its economic action and at higher independence and priorities; Moral and economic value in the field of value is not a simple relationship with facts, they need to clarify their positions, and on the basis of dialogue and consensus Shared certain facts and values.

Price of economic alee and moral is a relation of mutual unity: on the one hand, we gain material rewards and satisfaction from the economic value; We, on the other hand, because of the pursuit of ambitious goals from the first value of the fake and feel pleasure and confidence. Actual economic life shows that, the most can create economic value of the enterprise often combines economic value and moral value. Cause of food poisoning Each year, millions of people in the United States get sick from contaminated food. Symptoms of food poisoning include upset stomach, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and dehydration. Symptoms may range from mild to severe. Bacteria and viruses are the most common cause Of food poisoning.

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