Everyday Life in the Industrial Revolution Assignment

Everyday Life in the Industrial Revolution Assignment Words: 228

Trains were an affordable form of transport for citizens and people. The invention of steam ships allowed a large number of people to North America and Australia from Europe. These were the fundamental changes that occurred during the industrial revolution. The first artificial was produced using gas. These lights made cities safer, it allowed people begin to go out at night to social events or meetings, shops and factories open for longer.

Working hours in in factories were also extended thanks to the invention of artificial lighting. Electricity led to the development of household appliances such as refrigerators and irons that help with house chores. It also led to many innovations such as telegraph which made communication much easier, following the telegraph were the telephone and radio. Technologies has made a dramatic change to people’s ordinary lives, it has affected the society in a positive and negative way.

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The industrialized innovations helped with factory work and produce products more efficiently; however these machineries have highly polluted the environment. It was very surprising how far society have come, the development of technologies made the process of things much easier. Thanks to these inventions made during the industrial revolution and is still being improved, changed the lives of younger generations. Children in the modern society now have phones, pad, pod etc.

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