How Did the Industrial Revolution Negatively Effect Society Assignment

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Dickens has three main focuses on the industrial revolution in A Christmas Carol: one main focus is those Of the poor working conditions Of factories. Dehumidifying factory towns that sprung up in England during the Industrial Revolution created dirty and horrid work environments. The movie A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens, shows the horrible varied lives of children during the revolution. He shows the lives by using his own as an example; he creates an image of what life would have been like to live in urban environments during the revolution.

Dickens is against hopeless working conditions for workers because it takes away the rights of human beings, limits not only what they want to do, but limits their lives. The story of A Christmas Carol symbolized industrial capitalism in the nineteenth century. Dickens second main focus is on the cruelness of eliminating the rights of the workers. Diversification of workers is the action of cheating a worker of individuality and independence. During the Industrial Revolution goods were created, but lives were lost.

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Families depended on all men and omen to be working at the factories in order to provide food and shelter for their family. The hours were cruel, kids under the age of ten were hired, women and young girls were forced to work but no matter what each person was the same. They must wake up, go to work, come home, sleep for little amount and go to work again. The third and final example of the industrial revolution as depicted by Dickens is the fastness of the crops, iron, and clothing being created.

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