Customer Relationship Management in Sales Assignment

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It is a ask that requires diligence and a level of comfort, which like most things, takes time. The same is true in a sales environment. The customer needs to feel that the salesman has their best Interests In mind, something that has become an increasingly difficult obstacle to pass because of this heavily stereotyped industry. One of the most important skills a salesman should exhibit first and foremost is being a good listener. This shows the customer you truly care about their needs and wants, and not only about making the sale.

Proper verbal as well as nonverbal immunization Is critical throughout the process. A customer should leave a meeting feeling important and excited about what the salesman can bring to the table in the future. Demonstrating a level of expertise with the product being sold, as well as the company and brand behind It, Is also crucial In making the customer feel confident In a salesman’s abilities. With this brings a level of trust. Most positive relationships are formed upon a foundation of trust.

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In a blob post from RAIN Selling, the author notes, “Continually setting, and meeting, expectations is en of the easiest and most direct ways to build the strong, trusted relationships you need to close deals. ” Not showing up for a scheduled event wastes everyone’s time involved and greatly depletes trust in a relationship. Gaining trust takes time while losing can take none. The simple things like being on time help build trust and show the salesman truly values and cares about the customer. As the relationship grows salesmen should show empathy towards the customer’s position, especially when things go awry.

Good relationships lead to partnerships, again based on trust, where maximizing the lifetime value of the partnership becomes the main objective of CRM. Setting a common value proposition is another way to build trust in a sales relationship. Some salesmen do oversell the company and make deals on promises they cannot deliver. This is an unethical practice to sell by which will most likely result in the loss of a client or potential customer, as well as trust in the salesman for future sales ventures.

Having a win-win philosophy in mind and developing a arsenal code of ethics Is the best way to approach a sale. Treating prospects the way you want to be treated, sharing honest pollens, and viewing personal selling as an exchange in value between both parties involved will surely result in a successful sale and future relationship. In an article published by The Fortune Group the author notes, “A fact that’s too often lost on salespeople is that the process of customer relationship development isn’t linear. In fact, It’s a process that never ends. ” Post-sale behavior is often overlooked in sales.

Something so simple as an email or 5-minute call post-sale means the world to customers and takes close to no effort. Neglecting to them in the long-term. Salesmen are faced with a bad reputation that can inhibit success and make sales that much more challenging. By gaining trust, showing empathy and interest in the customer, and following an ethical guideline, salesmen will see the benefit of putting in the extra effort to build and add value to relationships with customers that have potential to turn into career long partnerships and a great deal of success.

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