Customer Relationship Management Assignment

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Healthy Pets has decided that we are In need of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for our growing company. Since our customer base is growing and it is hard to remember all of our customers. Healthy Pets knows that with a decent CRM product, we can keep all of our customer’s Information in one place letting our computer handle the tasks of remembering Information about our clients. CRM allows Healthy Pets to use the benefit of technology to build our business.

With the rowing demands on Healthy Pets, emails get lost with the growing size and limited storage space on our server. Finding emails is getting problematic and tracking communication between different employees gets hectic when multiple people have communicated with this client. Healthy Pets needs to incorporate a program that allows us to measure our success or failures. . Metrics is important in growing our business. We chose to not waste valuable time pouring over spreadsheets trying to figure out what exactly the information means.

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We need software package that will give us the ability to create reports to track the metrics of Healthy Pets. With CRM, we can get instant status updates on important customer information. Who needs a quick call back or more information about different aspects of Healthy Pets? We need a software program that allows the client status to be updated and available for the entire business. CRM systems will help keep all communications In centrally located and look back and see how things are developing (Creamery, 2015). CRM will give a legalistic anticipation of the impending future based on past performances and events.

Since we cannot predict the future, the history allows Healthy pets to see the pipeline of potential contracts and the expected business In the months to come. A CRM will allow us to keep track of each assignment and events that relate them to the each client or lead. Our goal is to create a firm relationship with our clients we need a software that works together to form an interconnected whole and leads seamlessly Into the final goals. The main reason that Healthy Pets thinks we need to Incorporate CRM into our growing business is the ability to organize all of our client information into one system so that we can see the big picture.

Allowing us to incorporate communications, errands, and databases into one easily maintained and managed place Glenn everyone access to this Information from anywhere In the world (Creamery, 2015). References Creamery. (2015). 10 Reasons Why You Need a CRM. Retrieved from http://creamery. Com/ Healthy Pets has decided that we are in need of Customer Relationship Management CRM product, we can keep all of our customer’s information in one place letting our imputer handle the tasks of remembering information about our clients.

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