Planning Cold War Gorbachev History Assignment

Planning Cold War Gorbachev History Assignment Words: 507

Introduction: In the ass decade the world saw the second cold war, by these time Mikhail Geographer was the leader of the Soviet union and Ronald Reagan the president of the United States, the united states in ass manage the relationship with the USSR in a hard way, making them know the US wasn’t going to be giving away any petition from the USSR, by this stage the soviet union was passing throw a bad moment, living condition in the soviet union imply went down and the country was left behind from the rest Of Europe and wasn’t able to maintain the vast country and ideological war with the United States.

The way that Geographer manages this problem, its seen to be one of the mayor causes to end the Cold War and also the Soviet Union. Main Body points: Glasnost: which meant openness in Russian basically meant to increase the transparency the government had and to open up to various countries this included the US, as by this action the people started to speak freely about the USSR and its problems, make in easier fro satellite countries to find independence from the USSR which was important as it lost vast territory due to this losses of land.

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Perestroika: As introduction of Glasnost, also came perestroika, which involved on the new structure of the politics and economy. The economy in this stage was terrible and it open up which was very liberal for the USSR at the time, tried to introduce a similar system as in China. Ronald Reagan factor: Reagan in charge of the US became very close and hard n the decisions made on the USSR, which made the USSR, do policies as Glasnost and Perestroika to try survive and keep up at the same level as the US.

The election of a non-communist leader: in Poland in 1 989 resulted in Cockroaches refusal to respond with military action by restraints of Soviet economy’s inability to “go hard”, as he had previously done in the Baltic states Modernization: The ISRC was left behind in many aspect at the time, it was for Geographer to head up to try modernize the nation that was been left Enid in time, any rivalry with any country Military economy: One of the aspect Geographer need to handle was the great expenses the military and the war where accusing to the USSR making them drain most of their funds Boris Yelling: one of the mayor factor also was the appearance of a strong leader as Yelling, which was seen as able to establish an new politic system in Russia and was approved by a big part of the population Conclusion The mayor polices done by Geographer would be the one which will lead to the ND of the cold war and its polices, basically Geographer tried to improve the situation the USSR was left for him and basically he just prolonged the USSR future and therefore the Cold War problem.

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