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The outcome of Reconstruction has been labeled a success and a failure both. When Reconstruction started in 1 865, we had just finished fighting in the Civil War. Reconstruction was a time period of trying to put the pieces of a broken America back together. It was a point in time that America tried to become a full running country once again. It wasn’t easy, though. Death was a recent memory still burned into everybody minds, turning into resentment. The South was almost non-existent, both politically and economically, trying to find a way back in.

Amongst all this, there were almost four million former Essay _-. :. Cur_ slaves who didn’t have a clue how to make a living on their own freed by the thirteenth Amendment in 1 865, and soon became political leaders. Something had to be done, and nobody made it. A few leaders came forward with their own ideas for Recons each of them were sure that their idea was the right one. Abram the president at the time, was the first person to come up with Reconstruction. “The Lincoln Plan” was an open one, and it stats. Retain criteria were met a Confederate state could return to the Tate had to have ten percent of voters accept emancipation of loyalty to the union, and high ranking officers of state could mol voting rights unless the president said so. Abraham Lincoln WA before he could test his plan. After his death the Republican Pa themselves The Radical Republicans, emerged with their own ICC Reconstruction. They had two main objectives. First, they were South and blamed them for the Civil War and wanted to punish Second, they wanted to help the four million freed slaves. They slaves needed protection and wanted to do that.

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There were the Radical Republican leaders. They were Thatched Stevens, Char and President Andrew Johnson. Thatched was a political man v place in the House of Representatives. His main concern was TTT opportunity for slaves. He wanted them to know how to make own. Charles Sumner was a senator who mostly fought for Affair political rights and their citizenship. He thought that the “All me equal” part of the Constitution should be for everybody. For Mac Most likely due to the fact that Johnson was Lincoln Vice Press( Reconstruction plan that just about mirrored the former Preside

Radicals did not approve, though. They felt he went over the In pardons, and he wasn’t paying attention to the major issue, the slaves. In 1868 Johnson was impeached. Congress stepped in v plan for Reconstruction and it was passed. They had two main I though. First, the troops were to move in and reside in the con in the South. Second, any State that wanted back into the Noir allowed to do so if they changed their 14th amendment. They a agree that everybody born in the U. S were citizens and they we treated fairly and as equals by the law.

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