Death of Abraham Lincoln Assignment

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He begins describing Lincoln appearance giving the reader an idea of what Lincoln looks like, a tall, cunning, all black dressed man. The essay goes on with information on the Secession war with all of its gruesome tragedy but Whitman writes about a great literature that will come from this. Whitman then starts to transition to the main theme of the essay, the murder of Abraham Lincoln. Whitman writes about how Lincoln was fond of the theater and how he has seen him at the theatre several times and how Lincoln was attending one the day of his murder.

People were dressed in rich costumes, music was playing in the background, and the triumph of the Union filled the theatre. The President and his wife sat on the second level in a large box. After the play finished when performers were leaving the stage that’s when Lincoln was murdered. At first not many people heard the gunshot or knew what was going on until John Wilkes Booth Jumped onto the stage and Mrs.. Lincoln screaming murder.

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Whitman concludes with Lincoln significance and says “the grand deaths of the race??the aromatic deaths of every nationality??are its most important inheritance value (722). In Walt Whitman essay, he effectively makes a relation between Lincoln death and the war. Whitman writing technique is good in such a way that he familiarizes you with who Lincoln is and about the war. He then goes on detailing the event of the murder creating a sense of suspense. Whitman creates a connection of the war and Lincoln death by writing about how Lincoln favored the theatre.

It creates the injection by creating an irony effect of dying in something you love and that death is inevitable. Whitman continues with the symbolism of his death by writing “the grand deaths of the race??the dramatic deaths of every nationality??are its most important inheritance-value” (722). Whitman takes the death of someone he admired and turns it into a bigger meaning to make it sound like a good thing. The essay “Death of Abraham Lincoln” really opened my eyes to a different perspective of Lincoln death.

The first part of the story gave me a more mellow feeling of Lincoln when he arrived in New York City and no one said a thing. Whitman then goes into detail giving the reader some information about the Secession war. There’s a sense of imagery as he describes the war that gives the reader a better understanding about how gruesome it was. As you read on Lincoln is attending the theatre which was very crowded by wealthy people and officers in uniform. Lincoln is sitting on ten second teller AT denature In a large stage-Dog ruling ten play.

Nine murder of Lincoln is quick but the reaction of the crowd of people is slow as many didn’t even hear the bullet go off. Crowds of people are in shock and are frantic creating a crazy scene. Whitman then goes into writing about significance of death of important people. He also begins to describe how great Lincoln was saying that the Greeks would basically consider him a god. He concludes with the theme of the story that every dies and Lincoln death is going to turn into something grand.

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