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Profile of: Abraham Lincoln Without any dispute, Abraham Lincoln is one of the most honored heroes in American history. Like the previous founding fathers, Lincoln is recognized today as a man of rare accomplishments and upstanding character who, to the best of his ability, shaped the United States in his image, to pave a road for the citizens to follow. Undoubtedly Lincoln was one of the most interesting and influential political figures of his time.

Famously known for freeing the slaves in America and for the speeches that had sewn our country back together, but known to few he was an outstanding restler and was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Normally portrayed as kind, gentle and easy-going to picture Lincoln in the wrestling ring is kind of inconceivable. “Abraham Lincoln, as a young man, was an incredible wrestler due to his strength and the length of his limbs.

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Allegedly, Lincoln only lost one out of the 300 matches he had fought in during his wrestling career”(Klein). According to Carl Sandburg, after Lincoln beat his opponent with ease, he turned to the crowd and said “I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns. “(Klein). At 21 years old Lincoln was the wrestling champion of Illinois. He lost his only ever recorded match to a soldier in another unit by fall, now that is an accomplishment.

At six foot four inches tall he was not little, and people were intimidated by him. People were generally even smaller back in the 19th century so he would seemed like a giant and still would seem so today! In 1831 Lincoln moved to New Salem where he met a rowdy group that boasted that they could wrestle better than the rest. The leader of the group called “The Clarys Grove boys” Jack Armstrong heard Lincolns boss bragging that he could “whip any an in the community’ and challenged him to a match. (Norton).

At first the match seemed to be a fair match but Lincoln eventually had total control and Armstrongs men started to back Lincoln against a wall. Lincoln offered to take them on one at a time and Jack Armstrong was impressed with his courage. He shook Lincolns hand and said “Boys, Abe Lincoln is the best fellow that ever broke into this settlement. He shall be one of us. “(Norton). “Although Lincoln’s wrestling ability was excellent, he wasn’t unbeatable. On April 22, 1832, Lincoln was thrown in two straight falls by

Lorenzo Dow Thompson during a wrestling match in Beardstown, Illinois. “(Norton). Throughout his entire career Abraham Lincoln has established his name as on of the most recognizable, notarized and renowned public fgures of all time. I would consider this to be a major accomplishment because it not only gives Lincoln the confidence to be Commander-in-chief, but also give the people the ability to know that their leader is strong and wont give up on them. Not only was he mentally fit for the Job, but his mightiness was the greatest example of a strong country.

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