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I plan to do running Start and go to a technical college for a masters in technical engineering. I also plan to go to Seattle to get a masters in animation/AD modeling. Am currently enrolled in Honors 10 English and AP US History where will be taking a colligate level test in order to get multiple college credits. Honors 10 is also a predecessor to two AP (college level) courses in which I am planning to take. When got my intellectual act together my traits in leadership skyrocketed, y want to help other people succeed was infinite.

When see someone struggling in class too this day I still approach someone and help them understand the subject or assignment. And my active participation in class activities also reflects my traits as a good leader. Service was, and still is, an extremely important trait that have. You wouldn’t catch me dead not volunteering for something, whether it be a personal issue or an issue in class “l volunteer is probably the most used quote when someone (or the teacher) asks the solution to a problem.

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I alternatively show service by adhering tightly to school assignments and making sure there in by the due date. I have an extremely random character, my bubbly personality is a trademark of my life, if I were to be bland or quiet for one hour people would start to approach me and ask me what’s wrong (they’ve actually done that). But it is a rare happening seeing can’t even force myself to be down. I’m always looking on the Brightest and being an overall bright person. So show good character because of my strict adherence to morals. My personal morals are extremely important to me and you will never find me veering off the path of scholarship and descending into madness.

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