Summary of the Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” Assignment

Summary of the Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” Assignment Words: 510

Doris Swears Goodwin is an acclaimed historian, author of book Team of Rivals. She was educated at Harvard University in Government and worked in the White House under President Lyndon Johnson. After Johnny’s retirement, Doris Swears began to taught as a Professor on the American Presidency. In her thirties, Doris Swears married to an advisor and speechwriter to presidents who assist her in researching about President life. She began to publish her book in 1977 and has numerous articles on politics.

Team of Rival is her sixth book published in 2005, n which she illuminates President Lincoln political genius in her deeply original insight She recounts Lincoln complex relations with his three gifted rivals and the extraordinary personalities that he brought into President position. People’s understanding of President Lincoln was limited and no longer renewed after several years Of Lincoln death. However Doris Swears as one Of the historians who contributed to illuminate Abraham Lincoln ‘s character and career, uncovered fresh information and deeper understanding Of Lincoln today.

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The article offers a new perspective of President Abraham Lincoln’ political ensues using stories related to his rivals. It is intended to reveal his extraordinary personalities that enabled him to cooperate his political rivals and to deal with failures and success. Doris Swears believed that the stories of Lincoln can be more clearly told by who companion Lincoln and especially when he is placed with his three rivals who are later his contemporaries. In the early decades of nineteenth, Lincoln and his three rivals are all ambitious man who Game to the rapid growing city in America to seek tort political opportunities.

In Doris Sears’s own words “All tour studied awe, became distinguished orators, entered politics, and opposed the spread of slavery”. It was not an unexpected news in fact that Lincoln won the nomination, for he is indeed the most excellent candidate of them all as he took greatest control of the nomination and display his ambition, his strength in politics in an unsuspecting way, However, Lincoln was not believed to be the right man who was chosen and was not convinced of his name by his rivals.

After all, Lincoln has no abundant experience and thus contemporaries and historians attributed his nomination to the fact that he came from the battleground state and stood in the center Of his party _ Lincoln then make a brave decision to incorporate his rivals to assist his administration, vivo were more experienced than Lincoln himself.

He soon let those man Who used to doubt him convinced Of his undisputed ability and assist him to steer the country when it’s in a difficult situation. “truly a team of rivals” as Doris Swears conclude, for Abraham Lincoln was an indisputable president that eventually let his rivals respected him and assisted him in his political life. It’s a time that far enough to have a clearer and deeper reading of Lincoln story, his fascination can be impressive political resource in today.

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