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Eventually he United States was split after the Industrial Revolution. The North started t o base their economy on manufacturing and industry while the South was primarily still of cussed on building their well established agricultural economy. Therefore, the United States was the home of a split economy with different priorities. Document F, the divide is profoundly show n by “What is it but a conglomeration of greasy mechanics, filthy operators… All Northerners… This quoted segment from the Georgia Herald makes it clear that the South frowns upon t he Northern economy and way of life.

This can also be see in Document D when Senator W bester says “l wish to speak today, not as a Northern man, but as an American… “. Webster o obviously knowing that his point of view being Northern would be judged by Southern Senators. In Document B in the “Declaration of the National Anti Slavery Convention” It gives a Northern p respective on slavery, which is of high economic value to the South and even calls out plant action owner “That no Compensation should be given to the planters emancipated their slaves… “.

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This is a prime example of Northerners not understanding the value of slaves to the Southern States economy and Southern States believing that its okay to treat people as property. There were many different beliefs for various subjects in politics leading up to 1860. A great example of this is in Document H because it shows how the states voted for a President and makes it clear that there’s a divide between North and South politically. The N Roth voted for Lincoln because he was a Northerner Republican and they knew that he belie Veda what they believed. The South obviously voting for Lincoln opposition because Lincoln was a moderate.

In Document G, Lincoln talks about how slavery is not solely a political differed once between Northerners and Southerners, but a real problem between the states and eve n forces the Southern states to have moral biases politically because of the importance of slaves to t he Southern economy. Document E shows a Northerner being beaten by a Southern politic Ian which is meant to illustrate the sort of “political war” that is occurring which is ironically name d “Southern Chivalry”. This expresses the tension between the North and South specifically which makes it a national problem.

The political tension abolished any chance of compromise I eating up to 1 860 and eventually lead to conflict. Because of the political differences there were constant threats from Southern n states saying that they were going to secede which built even more tension in the co inflicting states. Document A it brings up the idea of South Carolina seceding from the Union which Henry Clay states is “impossible”. While in Document D it talks about how Clay is saddened d by the reality of succession because its a popular idea. Secession is what led to the Civil War a ND was a big blow to the Union.

The different perspectives in the North and South is what essentially made it impossible for them to compromise leading up to 1860. If there were other documents t hath could analyze that would help support my argument would be a document analyzing the dish puttees within America from a 3rd party countries point of view. Because with the evidence l’ m giving, I can only support my argument with biased documents. Luckily after the Climax of anti compromise leading up and following through the Civil War, the Country is once again unit deed under one flag, one leader, and one government.

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