Cold War Assessment Assignment

Cold War Assessment Assignment Words: 625

The popular belief is that the cold war stared as soon as the Germans ere defeated in WI on 8 May 1 945(Cognizance 2009, IPPP;34), however some Military Intelligence specialists and history buffs believe that the Cold War began on August 6th, 1945 when American Airmen Dropped Little Boy on the city of Hiroshima. When I asked the question of what the “Cold War” meant to the soldiers I received a few eyebrows raises and a few frowns as if I struck a nerve in them but without hesitation they began firing away their feelings of what the “Cold Waif meant to them.

Answers I received was a simple capitalism and communism from the late sass’s to the early ass’s with he capitalist being the United States and the communist being the Soviet Union with the Russian wanting to rule the world and destroy the American way of life. It was the fear of Communism with some other the answers that were blurted out but can not be filled into this paper because of the expletives that were stated, after cleaning up the language if found out that the “Cold War” with answers like The Cold war was very important to the United States because of the political issues as well as the diplomatic issues before the war even started.

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The Cold War was named the Cold War because both side were to scared to make the first move to start the fight like two school boys daring each other to throw the first punch but instead of punch the nuclear weapons were the blows that the United States did not want to experience so as a result the Soviet Union and the United States simple fought each other indirectly. With things going the way they were the action of both side had a world on edge starting conflict in other parts of the world.

The Cold War came from an on going conflict between the United States and he Soviet Union what came from issues with Communist party leader Lenin that started the movement that replaced all political established order throughout the world. Also stated that the Western government had general knowledge about the internationally movement Of communism with followers receiving their orders from Moscow.

After a few moments I asked another question to the soldiers about how they relate the Cold War to the United States today. The Cold War changed domestic affairs and political view of the people of the Untied States causing many Americans to become skeptic to reign affairs labeling it a risky business with it being a bad move by the united States.

The Soviet Union posed a major threat to the united States because of the nuclear missile and weapons of mass destruction they had in their arsenal but, the United States could no longer just let the threat of nuclear weapon scare them into flex it muscle because both sides have weapons that could wipe or hundreds of thousand even millions of American if Russia even decided to press the button and start to warm things up in the Cold War.

In closing the final answer I want to share is that the United States has been the global police force ever since the Cold War and now steps in to defend anyone of that is a friend from the like of terrorism and anyone that threatens world peace. The examples of the United States stepping up and playing big brother are the Gulf, Korean, and Vietnam Wars. From these events it shows that the United States is very much involved with domestic affair now then they were prior to 1960.

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