Cold War Dbq Assignment

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Since Berlin was shared with the Soviet union, part of Berlin was communist as the other half wasn’t. The Soviet Union built a wall to keep capitalist ideas out Of their sector Of Berlin. (doc b) Not only did the Soviet Union build this wall but they also blockaded the city hoping to force out the western sector. This attempt failed as the United States responded with the Berlin airlift which brought food and supplies to Berlin each day. Germany was ‘t the only European country to be affected. To the East of the “Iron Curtain” the Soviet Union crushed any anti-communist revolts.

In Hungary, they tried to overthrow the communist government but failed. (doc AAA,b) Although Europe was one of the most earliest victims of the Cold War, more countries are to come. Another country greatly affected by the Cold War was Asia. Specifically Korea, the North wanted to unite all of Korea to be communists while the South did not. Since the two ideologies were different, North Korea thought the only solution was to invade the South. Doc 5) The Soviet union and other communist countries joined North Korea and helped to win over the country.

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The Ignited Nations also joined in to help South Korea. The Korean war ended up being a stalemate and was divided along the 38th parallel. (doc 6) Korea wasn’t the only nation in Asia to fight. There was also Vietnam. North Vietnam thought they should be communist as South Vietnam did not. The United States also helped out the Southern Vietnamese to stop the spread of communism. But, the United States stepped down and Vietnam fell to communism. As this was all happening India followed a policy of nonalignment which meant they were neutral. Doc 4) The Americas were also affected by the Cold War. Specifically, Latin America. The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism west and they saw Latin America as an easy target. In Nicaragua, they formed an army(PEPS) to combat non-communists(doc AAA) Nicaragua eventually overthrew communism . (doc b) Also in Cuba there was the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviet Union was manufacturing and placing missiles in Cuba. (doc 7) The United States felt they ere unsafe with missiles in Cuba so they asked the Soviet union if they COUld take them away.

At first the Soviet Union disagreed because it was necessary for their protection but eventually they took them down. The Cold War was just a time in history where two nations didn’t agree on the same ideology. And their ideas almost led to a full blown nuclear war. While the United States wanted a democracy and the Soviet Union wanted communism, they both came to an agreement and decided to avoid nuclear war. Countries affected by the Cold War were Europe, Asia, and Latin America and many more.

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