Cold war and communism Assignment

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If one saw a bright flash then they were to duck underneath any clothing available and against any type of structure as soon as they possibly could to protect themselves. This era had to be extremely stressful, especially for the young children this video was being shown too. This video had to wreak havoc on a child’s subconscious. Nuclear War Is the United States not under a nuclear war scare right now? With the war in Syria and Russia and China backing them, it is almost certain that the United States will soon be under Nuclear War scare. A nuclear war is a war in which nuclear weapons are used by both sides.

Living under Nuclear War versus Living under the Threat of Terrorism Terrorism is the search to murder innocent people with an intended target but not necessarily an intended person. In reality when a nuclear war and terrorists attack happens there is no time to prepare or react. When President Truman bombed Japan or when terrorists attacked the Twin Tower in September of 2011 there was neither warning nor time to prepare it just happened. In modern times, Americans live under the threat of terrorism and nuclear war, these threats are from extremist also known as the Islamic groups in the Middle East.

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Nuclear war is one by a country, for example the United States bombed Japan after they attacked Pearl Harbor; whereas, terrorism is usually a group of hostile individuals such as religious groups. There are several similarities. The ultimate similarity would be the facts that after all these years’ children and adults still face the same threats. One major difference would be that the nuclear war attacks were just a fear, whereas the threat of a terrorist attack has been a proven threat to the United States and many other countries.

Conclusion It can be said that most people do not want to live with the thought of the oral coming to end because one country decided to push a button that launched a nuclear bomb or a terrorist group that decided to kill 3500 people with an airplane. There is no way anyone can prepare for either type of war or action; although there has not been a true nuclear threat for over 30 years, there are still countries that are allowed to create nuclear weapons. These countries include China, Russia, and the United States and there are countries that are not allowed to have or create nuclear weapons due to high association with terrorists.

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