Cold war and communism Assignment

Cold war and communism Assignment Words: 397

The movie gave the people says to protect themselves and their families, however what if there wasn’t enough of those outlets to protect all. Nuclear bombs cause great damage and in order to be fully protected I feel you need to be in a fallout shelter type dwelling preferably underground, airtight, fire resistant, water resistant and able to maintain constant oxygen. Being exposed to such bombs, the damage is horrible, radiation would be the main cause of death and exposure to the air after the bomb is dropped can cause burns to the skin up to a twenty mile radius.

Living during this time was probably horrific and I could not imagine having to have went through what these people did. If we compare these two, we can see that both of them have violence as their main subject, also: bombs and missiles, propaganda, military intelligence and armed conflict. While terrorism goes off of believers and those willing to sacrifice, war works off of troop deployment and aircrafts. The difference in the two is terrorism does not need large amounts of people to carry out their mission, most times there is no specific target in most cases causing innocent people harm or death.

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War has a specific target and plan, it is carried out by a group, this could be a military organization, a country, volunteers, or a mass organization. Although harm and death come as a result of war as well the Victims in this instance are euphemistically called “Collateral Damage” (Los Angles Times, 1998). Can attest that today we as the people are encountering the threats of terrorism, 9/1 1 The Boston Marathon, airplane takeovers, the list goes on and to think that it is far from over is scary.

We cannot even go the movies with our children for fear of being shot, or attend a big event for fear Of the threats from terrorists will be carried out. It IS scary and uncomfortable. Living in fear is not a good feeling and is very stressful. I am sure the people during the time of the cold war and dealing with communism felt the same way. Although times and technology is more advanced today than that of the times during the cold war, there are still people that are one step ahead and always thinking.

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