A Comparison Of Student Performance In Single Sex Education Assignment

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Most of these modifications were adopted as a means to provide support to Achieving students, many of who reside in urban settings. Proponents of single-sex instruction state that mostly African Americans, Hispanics, and females benefit most from this type of instructional setting because single-sex environments help to reduce gender stereotypes students encounter in coeducational settings.

Opponent ants of single-sex instruction believe that accomplishments achieved in single-sex environments can be achieved in coeducational environments if the proper teaching strategies were in place. Opponents also feel that not enough studies have been conducted to make a strong claim that single-sex environments are better than coeducational environments. This study compared CRT middle grades mathematics scores for three years at four middle schools within an urban school district in Georgia to determine if the instructional setting is a factor in student performance.

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Two single-sex schools were selected (one male and one female), and two coeducational schools (one traditional and one that incorporated homogeneous class groupings). In addition to the instructional 2 setting, student gender and grade level were examined to identify possible relationships with studentsњ CRT mathematics achievement. The results of this study indicated that sixth grade male coed single-sex students, and seventh grade female coed students in the sample group were more likely to pass the CRT in mathematics than their peers in the other instructional settings.

A cohort group, which is a subset of the sample group, identified students who remained in one school for grades sixth through eight. The results indicated that sixth and eighth grade cohort female coed students were more likely to pass the CRT in mathematics than their peers in the other instructional settings. Results also indicated, over a three-year period female students of the sample group enrolled in coed classes, and female students of the cohort group enrolled in a single-sex school had the largest gains on the CRT in mathematics. INDEX WORDS: coeducational, Federal legislation, Gender issues,

Major Professor: Linda M. Arthur Committee: As mule Jackson Denies Hems-White Electronic Version Approved: May 201 1 6 DEDICATION thank God for making this accomplishment possible, and for truly granting me with the desires of my heart. I thank my parents, Winfred and Evelyn Ogden, for establishing a strong infrastructure of support that was created by my mothers soft yet powerful words of encouragement and my fathers] strong interest and desire to see me do well in achieving my goals. Am sincerely grateful for my parents, who gave their all to provide their children with the best.

There were no limits, my parents exposed my sister and I to some of the most rewarding opportunities in life, from world travel to advance education. I am truly humbled by how my parents gave so unselfishly to my sister and me, only expecting that we would not settle for mediocrity. To my sister, Darlene Williams and my niece and nephew, Trinity and Josiah Williams, sincerely thank each of you for your words of encouragement, support, and for providing me with the motivation to press on when times were hard.

I thank both the Bennett and Snowplowed family members and friends for your prayers, understanding and support in my endeavors toward reach ins this goal. 7 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS wish to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals in the accomplishment of this degree: To Dry. Linda M. Arthur, my committee chair, who willingly accepted the position of chair of my committee and who, with incredible experience and knowledge, guided me through this process. Dry. Arthur warm personality and professionalism were extremely instrumental in making this milestone possible. To Dry.

Denies Hems-White, my committee member, who was always us abortive of my efforts and brought great insight to my dissertation topic. Dry. Hemstitches willingness and cooperation to making this process a success is greatly appreciated. To Dry. Samuel Jackson, who graciously agreed to serve on my committee and who, without hesitation has always agreed to go the extra mile in being available and by providing research support and insight. To Dry. Lynda Dilemma, my statistician, whose expertise and knolled GE of educational practices provided critical insight to the success of my study.

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