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Single Sex Education Single sex education consists of separating males and females and putting them in different classrooms or buildings in order to teach them differently. This type of schools relieves some of the pressure that parents have due to the stories they hear about the kids in co-education schools. Single sex education is psychologically, educationally and socially more effective than co-education due to scientific researches that have been held over more than a 100 elementary schools. Many people look at the idea of single sex schooling as a negative way of teaching.

They ctually don’t look at all the facts that have been proven scientifically. Scientific researches have concluded that there are brain differences between both boys and girls. They both need different teaching styles that will benefit each one academically in a specific way. For example, in an only-girls class, talking and discussing is used as a learning tool which results in an observation. While in a boys class, talking mainly results in a punishment. Other studies by David Chadwell have also proven that “The composition of the male eye makes it attuned to motion and direction.

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Boys interpret the world as objects moving through space”, he says (as mentioned in Kaufmann, C. ,n. d. , para. 4). This is why its suggested that the teacher should keep moving while explaining to keep them concentrated. However, girls are oriented towards shapes with a lot of details so to get their attention; the teacher sits them in a circle. David Chadwell also stated that the male eye is attracted to cool colours like blue, silver, grey, brown and black, while the female eye is attracted towards warm colours like red, yellow and orange.

In addition to the sight, they also hear differently. “Girls have a more finely tuned aural structure; they can hear higher frequencies than boys and are more sensitive to sounds,”(as mentioned in Kaufmann, C. , n. d.. Para. 7) for example, girls get annoyed when a teacher raises her voice, while boys enjoy it as they find it exciting. Another reason for supporting single sex schooling is that it is more comfortable for the students to share their opinions and respond to questions in class.

This causes them to become more competitive. They also act freely and aren’t afraid to be themselves as there is no pressure of trying to impress the opposite sex. Students choose the subjects they would like to study without having to think how theyd appear in front of the opposite sex. For example, girls can study math, science and technology subjects without the fear of appearing as tomboys; boys can study arts, poetry, music and advanced subjects without being afraid to be called a nerd or a freak.

Scientists also found out by tests that girls mature earlier han boys and this might be the reason for the different thinking ways of the two sexes. Finally, an important factor found in single sex schools more than the co- educational ones is the fairness factor. In 1993, two professors in the American University, Myra and David Sadker, published a research that noted student-teacher interactions. They reached a conclusion which stated that in co-educational schools, female teachers always prefer male students and male teachers prefer female students.

For example, when boys keep calling out answers and yell, the teacher oesn’t remind them that they have to raise their hands first. While if a girl yells out Proponents of single sex schooling claim that the amount of academic improvement in this type of education is more than that in co-education. The idea of separating both genders eliminates any distractions that can be caused due to the relationships that could occur between them or the way both genders care about what the opposite sex thinks.

When only one sex is available, it is easier for the teacher to find the most suitable technique for teaching her students. She becomes more effective due to the time spent trying to engage with the students through physical activities. It’s also easier to explain topics that might embarrass girls when taught in front of boys, for example, the menstruation cycle. Opponents think that the social skills of students are affected by this type of education in a negative way. They assume that they won’t know how to handle and socialize with the opposite sex.

However, this idea can be easily refuted by scientific researches that have interviewed people who were n single sex schools and now are working and socializing normally. When interviewed, they totally disagreed with this assumption. They also said that single sex education tends to break social stereotypes that can be found in most of the co- educational schools. One of the most important social advantages of single sex schools is that the amount of bullying is very low. This is very important because some children who go through bullying eventually end up having socializing problems or becoming criminals.

In single sex schools, students aren’t Judged by what they study, how they dress or how they look. They are accepted the way they are. It is a new experience that everyone should try. A new feeling not everyone gets the chance to feel! The school eventually becomes like a second home to the students and the people in the school are considered as a second family. People against this type of schooling should reconsider the idea and try it because there is a big possibility they will change what they think of it!

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