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Group Assignment Diploma of Accounting (FNS50204) HAIS Accounting Information Systems 1 Assignment: This assignment is to be carried in pairs (two people). This assignment carries a mark of 50 (50% of the total assessment) You have been approached by some businessmen who are preparing to start up a business operation. You can decide on what type of business, such as a bank, a manufacturing operation, a retail store, a service business, whatever you like.

You are required to carry out some research and look at a typical business today, and determine what role an Accounting Information System plays in their ongoing operation. Then prepare a report for the businessmen, providing them with information and recommendations about employing an Accounting Information System. What type of AIS would that business have? Why would they have a system? What are the cycles that would be considered? What would be the benefits and advantages, such as security and why? Are there any disadvantages and if so, what?

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You should include a diagram/chart of at least one of the cycles with your assignment The format for this assignment is in a report format, complete with Header, contents page, an executive summary, body, conclusion and recommendations This assignment is due to be submitted at the end of the week 4 (or by arrangement with your teacher). Marking Guide: Evidence of Research Type of business Reason for having an AIS system The cycles Diagram of a cycle Benefits and advantages Disadvantages Report presentation Total (10 marks) (5 marks) (5 marks) (10 marks) (5 marks) (8 marks) (2 marks) (5 marks) (50 marks) 2

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