Civil War DBQ Assignment

Civil War DBQ Assignment Words: 235

During the time period of 1 821 1861 , deviation stifled the American union. The American Civil War was caused by economic digression between the North an d All fueled by the disagreement in state rights versus federal rights, slavery, and p Lattice idiosyncrasy.

Economic singularity between the North and South sectors of the American IS moon were a determinant of the American Civil War. The North was invested into a fast MO vying industrial track, more involved in a city lifestyle, with an abundance of wage workers. The e South, was an agricultural principality, completely immersed into the plantation system, with a myriad of African American slaves, or “free laborers”.

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The Tariff of Abominations, or the Tariff of 1828, was crafted to protect the Northern industrial goods, but raised the cost Of live Eng in the South to intolerable rates. (Document B and C) The North was a machine aged economy y and relied on age laborers instead of slaves and the South wanted to keep its Antebellum ways, thus fabricated constriction between the states.

State rights versus federal rights were a notorious genesis that differed from state to state. Mostly the Southern states felt that the government had too much federal co impotency. The Articles of Confederation were stout in the postulation of state’s rights, but WA s irresolute in the embodiment of the federal government.

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