Civil War Cheat Sheat Assignment

Civil War Cheat Sheat Assignment Words: 238

1850 Compromise of 1850- Fugitive Slave act 1851 Uncle Tom’s Cabin- 300,000 copies, Harriet Beechen Stows May 1854 Kansas- Nebraska Act- practice popular sovereignty 1855 Bleeding Kansas- fight for slave or free state, 200 died May 1856 Charles Sumner was beat by Southerner Preston Brooks for talking bad about slavery March 6, 1857 Dread Scott Decision- went north with owner then back south.

Segregation b. Citizenship c. Equal but separate Keep Maryland to keep Washington dc in the union South economy inflates 000% and north was only 80% John brown raid- help murder slave owners Robert E. Lee homestead Virginia John brown to arm blacks at harpers fairy Emancipation proclamation freed all slaves in rebellion states Whiskey ring- filed false tax reports South had greater ability to produce food Biscuit made of wheat flour was hard tack Lincoln fired McClellan after battle Intimate Vicksburg divided south in two 13th amendment abolishes slavery Scalawags- southerners who worked for republicans and supported reconstruction

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Anaconda plan makes south run out of supplies Pickets charge is last attack on cemetery ridge Turning points- Gettysburg, bull run 1 and 2, Emancipation proclamation, Intimate, Vicksburg Frederick Douglas is educated free slave Battle of Intimate tells Lincoln to end slavery Military reconstruction act splits it into 5 districts Lincoln through confederate leaders in Maryland in Jail to keep it in the union Hayes ended reconstruction by pulling troops out of south Roger B. Tangy was Judge in Dread Scott decision

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