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The first battle of Fort Wagner also know as Battery Wagner lasted from July 1 1 September 7, 1863; the second battle happened a week later. The most famous regiment that off get for the union in the battle of Fort Wagner was the 54th regiment. Brigadier General Quince Giggler e was assigned to lead the campaign against the city of Charleston, South Carolina and he was also a U ion commander.

Brigadier General William Talebearer was in charge of 1,620 confederate soldiers and only 36 were killed. Quince Adams Gilmore graduated first in the United States Military Academy in 1849. He then became an American civil war engineer and a general in the Union army during the sic evil war. He was born February 28, 1825 and he died April 7, 1888. Gilmore also commanded the cap ere of the Batteries Wagner, using Africanizing soldiers.

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There was a total of 6,800 soldiers including Confederate and Union armies. The total estimated casualties was about 1 ,670 soldiers. With the Union, there was about 246 deaths, 880 wounded and about 389 missing or captured. With the Confederates, there were 36 killed, 133 woo need and only 5 that were missing or captured. The Confederate army had a lot less soldiers, but they won the battle. Brutality of the first attack had left the Union commander puzzled on how the Conned e rates defeated them so easily.

The turning point was when the hard fighting Confederates ailed to take fort which lead to a huge defeat, but the remaining soldiers streamed back into their poss. actions. In Fort Wagner, the remaining Union soldiers had fell back into position. The second attack, also known as the 54th Massachusetts was led by Robert Gould Shaw on foot. He was killed in the assay It and he lied dead on the bloody ground. After the bloody scene, Gilmore decided to settle into the Eire Morris island positions, which led to Confederate abandonment of Fort Wagner.

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