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Belief is the reflection of values that guides one to plan and set goals in their personal and professional Life. With this in mind, and that caring is the essence of nursing practice, my career path goals were outlined and focused on concept of education , health and care. My perspectives and beliefs about nursing as a profession have been gradually developed throughout the years by the influence of many, internship, education and by long years of clinical experience. Beliefs Nursing.

Nurses help and care for the sick or well, and promote health with skills, expertise and knowledge. The American Nurses Association (ANA) defines nursing as “the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations. ” We nurses are focused and educated to provide the most holistic care to individuals and family with actual and/or potential health problem. ANA, 2009). Our commitment is to assist individuals/clients efforts to reach their optimal health potential. Client. Client can be the individual, family, group, organization or communities that have innate abilities, resources, experiences and values that guide decision- making regarding health issues. ” (University of Kansas School of Nursing, 2001 Kings’ theory emphasizes the importance of client participation in the decision-making and deal with choices, alternatives and outcomes of care (cited by Parker, 2006).

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Nurses need to understand how individual/clients choose and accept responsibility when they are their health session-maker. Health. Health is the client optimal state of wellness. The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ” Lingerer defined health as “state of well-being that is culturally defined, valued, and practiced and reflects the ability of individuals or groups to perform their daily role activities in culturally expressed, beneficial and patterned ways (cited by Parker, 2006).

The individual/ client health is intrinsic interacted with his/her environment. Environment. Newman defines environment as “all internal and external factors or influences surrounding the identified client or client system (cited by Parker, 2006). ” Martha Rogers’ Science of Unitary Human Beings proposed that the client and their environment are integral with one another in a continuous process (Blabs et al, 2002). When nurses apply Rogers’ theory in their practice, they holistic focus on the person as a whole and promote and integrate care between the client and his/her environment.

It is my belief that environment greatly influences a client’s health and her/his perception of health and it is in mutinous and creative changes. My career goals were outlined in the perspective of changes and advancement of my profession and a more competent professional nurse. Goals Short-term. My immediate short- term goals as soon as school is over, is to be oriented as day House Supervisor in the facility where I work. It will be a cross-training position, since I am not planning to leave the clinical area anytime soon.

This new position will be parallel to my actual position as telemetry charge nurse. My second goal is to finish SST David HCI academy leadership classes by the end of this year. I believe that these short-term oils will pave my career path and give me the foundation to accomplish my long-term goals Long-term. I have TVВ??’0 long-term goals that I am planning to accomplish by 2012. First, I am planning to be Austin Community College Nurse School’s clinical instructor assistant to start in January of 2010.

Also, next year, I would like to apply and be accepted in a “Developmental Teaching Program” that the University Of Texas (UT), with the collaboration of SST David HCI and Sexton Hospital, organized to help and assist employees who are interested in advancing their education into a master’s program and be involved with teaching. Each hospital accepts fifteen qualified employees per semester and the program consists of three teaching classes at master level. Planning my career and setting up goals beyond being a bedside nurse was not an easy step.

It was finalized/ concreted by the influence and support of friends and my family Critical Analysis Beliefs. My beliefs about nursing were influenced especially by my husband and by one of my lifetime friends. Both taught me that nursing is a profession that one never stops learning and learning is the only way to acquire knowledge to improve and excel as a professional. I also have an enthusiastic mentor that instructs and encourages me to expand my knowledge in other areas of nursing rather than just being a bedside nurse.

My beliefs in my career, also, have been greatly influenced by my mother who continuously reminds me to always put myself in the patient’s place before any decision or judgment is done. Through it, she taught me what compassion and true care means. Besides the people mentioned above, there are many others that in one way or another influenced and shaped my beliefs about nursing. Career Choice. Nursing has been my only profession. Got my DAN diploma through Florence Nightingale Nursing School, the only England Nurse School in my country.

So, once in the US, went back to nursing school and got my DAN- My career choice happened long before I even finished high school. My father was very sick for a long time and very often I would go with him to the hospital for doctors’ appointments or just to the emergency room. During those times my heart would go to those sick people Yin down on the ground outside the hospital waiting for an available doctor or a nurse to see them, and, most of the time it would not happen so soon. Some of these people loud stay for a day or two in the heat, hungry, thirsty, dirty and in pain.

Against my mother orders, (because we did not have much), started to bring food, and water to those people and I would apply butter to their wounds to keep them wet( I had seen the old women in the farm doing it). When I really decided to go the nurse school, I was not sure about it. Told my mother that would try it because did not want to be anything back then. Once I started nursing school, I was totally in love with it. Indirectly, my father led me to my current career path that I feel fulfilled me as a professional. Current Career Path. I have been a nurse for six years.

Since my graduation, I have been working as a telemetry nurse/charge nurse. But through these years I have been working in all med/surge floors, step-down ICC and ERE. Like cardiology the most. It is a fast pace unit and can be very challenging. In this unit I am able to advise and encourage patients on health maintenance and disease prevention, and that I work with a team that together provides optimal care to those with cardiac diseases. All these years as an DAN I was comfortable as it was until two years ago, when my husband and my mentor encouraged me to advance my education at least to the BBS level. And, I am glad that I did it.

The RAN-BBS bridge program was essential in expanding my knowledge and therefore improved my nurse practice. Impact of RAN-BBS Program on Nursing and Career The Texas Tech University health Sciences Center School of Nursing program has had a great impact in my profession and career path. Through this program have been learning more about evidence-based practice, theories and nursing practice than did in all those years in the DAN schools. Now, for example, when look at a medication(s), read or do a procedure on a attain , I am more aware of the importance of research and evidence-based practice and why I (we) do things in certain order or way. By exploring concepts such as: evidence-based practice, professional development, life- long learning community health, nursing theories, research, internship, current issues facing nursing and many more I now see nursing form a larger perspective (Harmon, 2009). ” This program expanded my knowledge, enhanced my practice and thus, effectively improves my patient’s outcomes. Through this program became a stronger and more complete nurse. It aught me the discipline of nursing practice is guided by theories and models that can be applied to my daily practice.

Nurse Model Jean Watson theory of caring has profound impact in the practice of nursing. Caring is central to nursing; it is the central focus of practice. Foster, 2008 states that . -“caring is to preserve human dignity, is to preserve humanity in systems and in society, increasingly awakening in nurses and nursing to realize they have a critical role in sustaining human caring and humanity itself, especially in instances where it is threatened. ” Caring in my daily nurse reactive underlies human values and beliefs that are essential in an individual/client or/and family basic needs. The nursing response is a specific expression of caring nurture to sustain and enhance the ‘other’ as he or she lives caring and grows in caring in the situation of concern (Building, 2005). ” Through the theory of caring, I am more sensitive to express feeling of care and allow my clients, family and/or coworkers to express their own feeling of care. “Nursing can expand its existing role, continuing to make contributions to health care within the modern model by developing its nutritional caring healing and health strengths that have always been present on the margin (Car, 2003). Caring is not a momentum, but a personal response. Conclusion My beliefs regarding the nursing profession and my goals were paved by people that continue and will continue to greatly and positively influence my personal and professional values. Through this career patch, caring is my daily vision and my response to those that come to my care.

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