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My Personal Nursing Philosophy Tracie Johnson NUR/391 June 28, 2010 Andrea M. Abt My Personal Nursing Philosophy “Philosophies of nursing are statements of beliefs about nursing and expressions of values in nursing that are used as bases for thinking and acting. Most philosophies are built on a foundation of beliefs about people, environment, health, and nursing” (Chitty & Black, p. 298). By using person, environment, health, and nursing as a guideline to achieve the ultimate goals of nursing; I will discuss my personal philosophy and how these factors are used in nursing. The concept of person refers to the recipient of nursing, including individuals, families, communities and other groups, regardless of their physical, mental, and spiritual condition. As nurses we must know that each individual is unique with his or her own needs and desires. The environment is the place or community where care is provided. It refers to all internal and external conditions, circumstances, and influences affecting the person and describes the world a person lives in and interacts with.

The World Health Organization 1948 has defined health as the degree or continuum of wellness or illness experienced by the person. Instead of having health as the level of wellness or illness, according to (Wu, 2008) Parse described health as a process of becoming as experienced and described by the person making the person the expert in his or her own health” (Wu, 2008). I believe nursing is both a science and art. Nursing demands the following characteristics in men and women dedication, caring, intelligent, educated, and devoted to lifelong learning processes.

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Nursing focuses on the patient, the patient needs of the body and psychological, social, and spiritual needs. As a nurse, I believe it is my duty to learn all the knowledge I possibly can to help preserve the health of others. I most certainly believe and trust in God. I believe in the quality of life and integrity of humanity. I believe in being nonjudgmental, and I believe in the rights of humans. I believe in my profession. I believe in being a nurse. I chose nursing as my profession because I always have had a desire to serve and educate others and nursing, which has given me an opportunity to do that.

Nursing is a rewarding career that gives the greatest opportunity to save lives, comfort, and care for them. The nursing profession tends to run in my family and have inspired me to become a nurse as well. This profession is the most demanding and helpful profession in the world. Many elements at the core of nursing require technical knowledge and skills. According to the National League of Nursing, the core values are caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence (Core Value: National League for Nursing, 2007).

I believe the core of nursing is care, as simple as caring seems; fundamentally nursing is about caring for people. My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will care for all patients holistically. I will allow the patient to participate and input ideas into his or her care. I will allow patients to incorporate some of their experiences from their personal lives, and alter my care based on those experiences. I will see the patient as a unique human being and treat all patients with respect and dignity. I will encompass the values that I embrace in everything I do.

I will be accountable for my actions and practice within the scope of my license. To live out my philosophy of nursing, I will not only take care of the patient but also give comfort and support to the family. As a nurse, my relationships with other health care providers will be respectful and team-oriented. I acknowledge that health care is very complex and there are many individuals who can provide unique and vital care for the patient. Having a career as a nurse, I want to be a person who can fill that role effectively.

My goal is to maintain good health and habits so I can continue to fulfill the nursing role effectively. I love being a NURSE!!! References Chitty, K. K. , & Black, B. P. (2010). Professional Nursing: Challenges & Concepts (6th ed. ). Philadelphia, PA: Saunders/Elsevier. Core Value: National League for Nursing. (2007). Retrieved June 27, 2010, from National League for Nursing: http://www. nln. org Wu, S. (2008). My Nursing Philosophy as Viewed Through Nursing’s Metapardigm. Illuminations,17 (2), 5-7. Retrieved June 27, 2010, from ProQuest Nursing and Allied Source. (Document ID: 1708351471

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