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Andrew Jackson was the first enlightened president, he was a common man and thought of the common people in his presidency. He may have been a terrible person sometimes, but he was a pretty decent president. There are three main reasons why Andrew Jackson was a decent president. There is one social reason why Andrew Jackson was a decent president. Jackson enacted the Indian Removal Act, the Indian Removal Act evicted Native Americans from their homes and their land.

Jackson passed the law because he thought e was aiding the Indians by removing them because settlers were moving onto their land and the settlers and Indians would fight. Go to war. Jackson was a decent president because he was thinking of his people, and kind of the Native Americans, just not from the right perspective, he wasn’t exactly the best human because of how he dealt with the Indians on the land that was purchased. There is one economical reason why Andrew Jackson was an Okay president.

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The National Bank, started by Alexander Hamilton, only loaned none to the rich and not to the poor farmers and middle-class settlers. Since farmers, among others, couldn’t take out loans, they couldn’t purchase land and grow crops to sell for a living, therefore making them poor and miserable. Jackson saw this problem and took money from federal banks and put the money into state banks so farmers and other settlers could take out loans and actually live. Due to him realizing there are other people besides the rich and putting money into state banks for the common person, Andrew

Jackson was an okay president. There is one political reason Andrew Jackson was an alright president. Jackson created the Democratic party. He actually listened to the people and became very popular among them. He held rallies In summation, Andrew Jackson was a decent president sometimes, I’m assuming it was often enough because he was a president. Jackson put money in state banks so the farmers, among others, could take out loans and buy to land for agriculture.

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