Lesson Plan on Pollution Assignment

Lesson Plan on Pollution Assignment Words: 500

Teacher shows pictures which are associated with air I – Students look at the pictures and answer the I pollution, land pollution, and water pollution questions. A) What does this picture tell you? – Teacher tells the students that they are going to learn how Tit brainstorm their ideas about pollution l- Students listen. I I Development I | (30 minutes) I Activity 1 (10 minutes) – Teacher writes down ‘The Festivals in Malaysia’ on the – Students look at the whiteboard.

I whiteboard. – Teacher informs the students that they are going to brainstorm about the topic ‘The Festivals in Malaysia’. – Teacher explains to the students that in brainstorming they l- Students call out as many ideas as possible I I have to call out as many ideas (words/ pH erases) as possible I about the topic. About the topic. – Teacher then brainstorms the topic with the students. Teacher writes down the students ideas on the whiteboard. (mind-map) to the students. I – Students receive task sheet 1. Students to select three of the festivals I

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Activity 2 (10 minutes) l- Teacher gives task sheet 1 I – Teacher asks the I in Malaysia based on what they have brainstormed and write I I them down in the blanks given (in the task sheet). Students select three festivals in Malaysia I I based on what they have brainstormed and write I I Teacher asks the students to select appropriate ideas from them down in the task sheet. Be written in the boxes (in the I I what they have brainstormed to task sheet) which answer these questions: 1. Who celebrate this festival? Select appropriate ideas which answer I I – Students 12.

How do they elaborate the festival? I the questions in the mind-map. (Teacher asks the students to refer to their textbook on page I minutes to complete the task. Into groups of five. – Students complete the task. Each group one mahjong’s paper. 190 for further details). L- Teacher gives the students 5 Activity 3 (10 minutes) l- Teacher assigns the students I – Teacher gives I – Teacher asks the students to discuss among themselves in I their own respective groups and select only one mind-map to bell- Students get into groups Of five. I re-written on the mahjong’s paper. Paper. Complete the task. I

I – Each group receives one mahjong’s l- Teacher gives the students 3 minutes to I – Students discuss and select one of their l- Teacher asks each group to send one representative to I mind-maps to be re-written on the mahjong’s paper. I I corrections if the students make mistakes/errors). I present their mind-map. L- Teacher gives feedbacks (and l- Students complete the task. – Teacher asks the students to keep the task sheets as they I – Each representative presents their mind-map. That to write their essay (letter) in the next Ill use lesson. I Closure – Students listen and correct their I mistakes/ere Ross.

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