Romantic Music Lesson plan for grade Assignment

Romantic Music Lesson plan for grade Assignment Words: 305

Composers Objectives 1 . Demonstrates understanding of characteristic features of vocal music of the Romantic period. 2. Relate themes of selected songs from Romantic period to the present. 3. Show appreciation to the Romantic Music by participating to the activity. Ill. Materials 1. Pictures 2. Audio 3. Visual Aids ‘V.

Learning Procedure A. Preparatory Activity Make a short review about the past lesson in Music specifically in the early periods of music. Put the “Romantic” word on the board and ask the students what are the words that they can relate to the word “Romantic”. B. Developmental Activity Present the visual aids about the vocal music of the Romantic Period. The student must have known what are vocal music and the characteristics of it. After the discussion about vocal music, proceed to the well known composers in Romantic Era Franz Peter Schubert and Giuseppe Verdi).

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But before the teacher introduce the composers some pictures of local and international composers/artists will be presented in the class. The teacher will ask the students if the know who are in the picture(s). Relate it to the topic bout the composers in Romantic Period. The teacher will make a short discussion about the composers’ life and their works, providing the audio for the listening. C. Activity Listen to the Gretchen Am Spaniard by Schubert and analyze the melody and the

Romantic Music Lesson plan for grade 9 By Aubrey-Carpi D. Generalization During Romantic period, melodies became subjective. Artists expressed their music freely. V. Evaluation 1. What is vocal music? 2. Give two characteristics of Romantic Music. 3. Give two characteristics of Romantic Music. 4. Who is the Italian composer that wrote his final opera that ends with “All the world’s a Joke”? 5. Austrian composer who wrote over 600 lieder? VI. Assignment Research 2 more famous composers and their period.

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