Music Theory Sample Lesson Plan Assignment

Music Theory Sample Lesson Plan Assignment Words: 562

What teaching method(s)/model(s) will you use for this lesson? Why have you chosen these methods? Be sure that the methods/models are directly connected to your successful learning for all students, taking into account their diverse needs and characteristics?

The lesson will start with the Kananga Strategy Who am l. This will be a fun activity to start the lesson. Modifications will be made by pre teaching vocabulary of characteristics of the composers for the ELL students. Students will research their composer then work independently on a short biography of their assigned composer. GET students will work on the pad and instead of creating a short biography, will create a Perez presentation on the pad depicting the life of the composer, using pictures.

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SPED students will be given a handout with what information needs to be known about the composer, followed by a CRY code . Students will read the question, scan the code, and write down the information from the scan. Poverty Students will be given a graphic organizer the describing wheel to fill out information about their composer first, then write their biography. ELL students will students will work together with me on the same composer – we will discuss the composer and together, write our short biography.

The students will then be grouped and will use cooperative learning. This will ensure that all students will benefit from each other to reach the lesson objective. Students will then be grouped into groups with varying achievement levels to work on their short song about their composer – Each area of special needs learners will have their own “Job” to ensure not only a comfortable learning environment but to also show that every person in class is important and has qualities that are essential to create a group project.

GET students – will use the pad to find music for their song Poverty students – will use the pad to record their groups performance to avoid being uncomfortable in front of the class SPED – create hand motions for the songs Describe the step-by-step procedures and activities of the lesson in sequence and indicate how much time has been allocated to each component. Procedures 1. Introduction Time: 10 miss. Focus learning, state objectives, activate background experiences, motivate learners. To start the lesson I will hand students a card that we will tape on their backs with the name of a composer.

Students will then go around the room asking other students questions about their composer (on their back) to try to find out who they are. 2. Providing Lesson Content Time: _30 miss Teach new concepts, ensure higher order thinking, facilitate exploration, provide practice. Students will be grouped into cooperative learning groups and given a composer to research. They will research their composer and write a short biography on that composer. Students will then write a song using key facts of that composer to resent to the class.

The songs should include the composers name, birthplace, time period, and a famous work and fact. 3. Closure Time: 10 miss Summarize learning. Notes during the songs. 4. Extension Activities Extend thinking through homework, projects, etc. Students will make a poster of their given composer using pictures and facts. These posters will be displayed on a bulletin board .

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