San Joaquin Delta College Music Concert Assignment

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Chamber Winds at San Joaquin Delta College had their first concert of the fall semester with the Stockton Concert Band performing with them. The Delta Symphonic band performed 5 pieces together during the concert. “Overture in B flat”, “He’s Gone Away’, and “Haven’t” are three drastically different pieces that allowed the audience to experience the various sounds of music. The Concert was conducted by Arthur J. Hilton, and Instructor at San Joaquin Delta College. Hilton has been an instructor at San Joaquin Delta

College for seventeen years. As a conductor, Hilton has directed musical ensembles, including concert bands, Jazz bands, brass bands and choral ensembles all across the world on various different occasions. “Overture in B Flat”, by Caesar Giovanni was written in 1966 and is a vibrant composition written in a contemporary manner. Throughout the piece there are several time changes during the work while staying at the same tempo throughout. The opening sounds are those of energetic brass flourishes then answered by legato woodwind passages.

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This is then followed by a section which ends in a smooth transition back into the original theme and an dramatic ending. “He’s Gone Away’, by Rick Kirby is a traditional Appalachian folksong. One of the most distinctive characteristics of this peace is the Jazz-like use of the occasional “blue” notes in the melody and harmony. This setting I think effectively explores the many instrumental colors and textures of the modern concert band, yet it maintains the simplicity and beauty of the original melody.

When I heard this peace for the first time at the encore, it reminded me of the type of music you would hear in a movie when someone was leaving and never coming back. “Haven’t”, by David Hollering is an exciting piece full of rhythmic energy and involving the extensive use of shifting meters. This is a single movement peace that doesn’t let up in energy of excitement from the beginning to the end. Hollering, wrote this peace after his daughter, who, as a child, who was constantly dancing in the yard. This peace is full of so much energy it Just makes you want to stand up and dance along with the music.

Out of all the different peaces that the band performed this piece has to be my favorite. The 2013 Fall Festival of Bands at San Joaquin Delta College was an enjoyable evening full of fantastic music. Attending this concert was an intellectually stimulating experience that I would have not listened to if it were not for this assignment. Having a an open and broad mind when viewing music is an important lesson to learn because all music has roots from another genre and being able to recognize this will make u more diversified as an individual. San Joaquin Delta College Music Concert By immortal

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