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As a teen he began studying law in Salisbury North Carolina. In 1787 he was accepted into bar and began practicing law in Johannesburg. In 1796, Jackson was elected as Tennessee first representative in the House of Representative. He also served as Judge of the Tennessee Supreme Court until 1804. Jackson was not only a political, lawyer and Judge. He was also a land owner and a merchant. He bought a plantation In Teen. Called Hermitages. He grew cotton and became a member of the planting elite. Military Career- During Andrews military career he was appointed commander of the Teen. Militia .

Later he was appointed major general. Political Success- Jackson was re-elected to US Senate In 1822. In 1824, the Penn. Convention nominated Andrew for Presidency, but he lost to John Quince Adams. In 1 828, Andrew became president of US. He was the first president to invite the public to attend the inauguration ball which was held at the white house. US President- Year served ? As president, Andrew was the first president to assume command with his power to veto. He also implemented the theory of rotation in office. Andrew became involved in a dispute with Second Bank of the United States.

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This was a private corruption that served as a government sponsored monopoly. Andrew vetoed the banks re-charter bill. He had the support of the public to veto the bill and was re-elected as President for a second term. Personal Life- * Nicknames- King Mob, Old Hickory, Hero of New Orleans * Andrew met Rachel Danielson who was separated from her husband in 1788. * Andrew marries Rachel I nee nave tenure sons won are all opiate I nearer was an Animal orphan, Andrew Jackson Jar. Was the son of Earache’s brother, and Lincoln, a Creek India orphan. Rachel passed away in December of 1828 of a heart attack.

Major Events- Peggy Eaton Affair 1828-1831 Veto of Massively Road Bill in 1830 Black Hawk War of 1832 Assassination attempt in 1835 Jackson was a very influential US President in history. He was a President that was aggressive and controversial. Andrew was important to American History: Andrew Jackson is important to U. S. History because he has influenced so many future presidents. For example, in the incident with South Carolina where SC wanted to secede, Jackson issues the Doctrine of Nullification and was ready to use military Orca to keep them in the union. His has influenced future presidents like Lincoln to preserve the union. Also, Jackson was one of the first presidents truly for the common man. He was the first president to be voted in by the common man when he vetoed the national bank This influenced future presidents like Theodore Roosevelt and Taft to take down big corporations that were rising at the expense of the people. In addition, he advocated for western expansion by passing the Indian removal act. This allowed settlers to travel more freely without the hazard of Indian raids.

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