Andrew Jackson hero/villain Assignment

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Andrew Jackson is a hero for leading the Tennessee Militia at the Battle at New Orleans and defeating the British. He made it the biggest battle of the War of 1 812, and became known as an American hero from then on out. Jackson’s presidential election also helped him become more popular because he could relate to many Americans who were struggling with poverty, since he started from there and worked his way up to success. He being able to do that won him the election and, his presidency began very ell after he became the first president to pay off America’s national debt.

Andrew Jackson is a villain for passing the Indian Removal Act in 1 830, allowing the Government to forcefully remove the Native Americans from Southern lands to Georgia. Jackson’s reasoning for this was that it will separate them from the whites, free them from power of the states, let them pursue their own happiness, and help them become civilized. His reasons did not make much sense to many because what if they were already happy here they were? What if they were already civilized?

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Jackson did not care. This changed a lot of people’s opinion of him especially because during the Worcester vs.. Georgia case, the Supreme Court gave the Cherokee their victory simply stating that they did exist, but Jackson ignored it. He immediately wanted to enforce the law and made federal troops force out all the remaining Cherokee people living in Georgia, with only their clothes on their back. They then started on what is now called the Trail of Tears, where our thousand Cherokee would die.

Andrew Jackson deserves to be on the 20 dollar bill. Despite his one bad decision as president, he’s made many more honorable choices that still give him all the rights to be. Jackson was a strong leader and a humble person, who unlike most presidents had to work for his success. Andrew Jackson was neither a hero nor a villain yet has rightfully earned for his face to be on the 20 dollar bill for now and forever.

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