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Jackson in return became the peoples president. He may have had some bad calls but there also were some good calls that had benefits to Jackson’s appeal he felt that citizens should play a role in government. This made him greatly support the spoils system when allow citizens to get government Jobs. He felt as if were plan and simple and should be cycled and given to supporters. This increased this popularity towards his supporters. Jackson also wanted to strengthen necromancy so he decided to make voting for a presidential candidate more fairly by using the caucus system. Engine the flaws in this system it was replaced by national nominating convention believing that now political power would come from the people instead of elite political institutions. This increased Jackson’s influence and was reelected. Though things event proved that he had changed the nation for the better good there still was a downside to his actions. The Nullification Crisis outweighs the Trail of Tears in every aspect. Andrew Jackson was the first president to expand the powers of the executive.

He was the first president to insist on national power over state power. Between 1828 and 1832 southern congressmen argued that high import tariffs were unjust effecting the plantation owners of the south. Their solution to this problem was to “nullify” their participation in the Union. On the brink of South Carolina’s succession from the Union, Andrew Jackson threatened to send the Army and accuse them of treason. His forceful personality was the deciding factor in Henry Clay resuming talks to lower the Tariffs. The impact of First it is unique to Jackson.

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Neither the founding fathers or most diplomats of the times supported Jackson’s outlook on national laws being greater than state rights. This viewpoint is symbolize by his own Vice President Noon C. Calhoun) who resigned over the issue. Second, South Carolina’s succession would likely have had a dominion effect which would have lead to other southern states Joining the cause. The Unites States enforced the emancipation proclamation in 1865 If only the North had enforced the proclamation hen millions of African American’s would have remained in slavery.

Over 12 million slaves were imported from Africa. The census of 1860 says that nearly 4 million slaves exist within the United States at the time. If Andrew Jackson had allowed the Union to dissolve, barring extreme international pressure, it is likely that the south would still have slavery today. And death of millions of people significantly outweighs the relocation of Indians. Although both events are characterized by the deaths of minority groups, slavery is longer lived and results in many more deaths.

The electoral college is the final argument I will make for Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson reformed how voting works in the United States. Instead of a few political elite choosing the presidency, he advocated for the population as a whole electing electorates. This fundamentally modified power distribution within the United States. Had the action not been taken, the federal government would likely be much prescient to the needs of the elite rather than those of the people.

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