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A man does not have to be considered to be a good person to be a great man according to the Great Man Theory of Thomas Carlyle. In fact, most great men are actually quite evil do a lot of harm in their time. Doll Hitler, former leader of the Nazi Party and Germany is considered to be a great man. The profile of a great man can also be considered the profile of Hitler in this case because all aspects of Hitler and how he came to power equally match that of Carlyle theory. All of the and because of this Hitler is considered to be a Great Man.

There are two key elements in the Great Man Theory and they are the personality of the leader and the resistances that allow them to come to power. They are both equally important to enable the leader to come to power and for them to be considered a great man according to Carlyle. The leader has to have a very good personality and has to have an abundance of charisma. Doll Hitler had charisma. People who do not even know how to speak German and do not understand the language know how powerful Hitler was as an orator with great speaking skills.

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Some people say that his actual speeches, in words, were not that great but that, Hitler had a forceful, charismatic personality. An amoral man, rootless and incapable of personal friendships, he looked on his fellow humans as mere bricks in the world structure he wished to erect. He knew how to appeal to people’s baser instincts and made use of their fears and insecurities. He was successful, however, only because many Germans were willing to be led, even though his program was one of hatred and violence.

His impact was wholly destructive, and nothing of what he instituted and built survived. Hitler used his great orating skills and his charismatic personality to attack four major targets in his speeches. The Treaty of Versailles, the Whimper Republic, the Jewish population, and the Communists were also used by Hitler to blame the problems of the Germans on. Two of these targets, the Treaty of Versailles and the Whimper Republic, are justified as causing many of the problems of Germany but the other two were Just part of Hitless solution.

The circumstances surrounding the way the leader came to power is Just as important as their personality. The Treaty of Versailles and the Whimper Republic are two of those circumstances that allowed Hitler to rise to power. They were both apart of Germany after they lost World War l. The Germans surrendered unconditionally and were forced to limit their army to only 100,000 men, eliminate the Ana except for a few light battleships, pay reparations to the winning side, sign a war guilt clause excepting all responsibility of the war, and hand over the Rangeland as a demoralized zone.

The fact that the Germans had to pay a lot in the form of reparations led to the downfall of the German economy and Hitler used this to blame some of the German problems. The shame of the German nation was definitely one of the most influential circumstances that allowed Hitler to come to rower. The Treaty of Versailles caused the German government to mass print more paper currency to pay the reparations and because of this it caused massive inflation. Hitler blamed this on the Jews and the Communists and stated that if the Germans allow him to become leader he will fix this problem.

Along with the Treaty of Versailles as being a problem of Germany’s economy was the Great Depression that started in 1929. Hitler was able to use this to his advantage and, When the Great Depression struck in 1929, his explanation of it as a Jewish-communist plot was accepted by many Germans. An element of the Great Man Theory that Hitler did a great Job of was help create a new force by challenging the existing forces that were currently in place. After World War I the Whimper Republic was put into place, an attempt to establish democracy in Germany.

Many of the problems currently facing Germany could be, and were, attributed to the Whimper Republic because they were considered traitors after signing the Treaty of Versailles. Not only did Hitler challenge of philosopher Frederica Nietzsche to defend his own views. Hitler believed, along with Nietzsche that democracy instigated a, common war upon the higher duty, the Geiger responsibility, the higher man and all that is rare, strange and privileged. 2 Hitler used Nietzsche views to attack democracy and stated that, In all ages it was not democracy that created values, it was individuals.

However, it was always democracy that ruined and destroyed individuality. It is madness to think and criminal to proclaim that a majority can suddenly replace the accomplishment of a man of genius. 2 One of the key characteristics in the Great Man Theory is that a great man is able to put into words the will of his age, tell his age what it wants, and then actually be able o accomplish it. This is something that Doll Hitler also did very well. The people of his age had a fear of communism, did not like Jews, and were unhappy with the current German situation.

Hitler was able to tell the people this and he convinced them that if they elected him that he would be able to fix it. Hitler was also able to accomplish what he thought was right for Germany by putting Jews in concentration camps and getting rid of the Whimper Republic. Not only was Hitler able to express the will of his age but he was able to forever change the world. He was responsible or the deaths of millions of Jews and established Nazism, an ideology that is still around today although it is a lot less common.

Not only is he a great man according to Carlyle but Hitler has also been one of the most influential leaders in the 20th Century, or all of history for that matter, and so therefore he has changed the world. These two characteristics are important in determining if a leader can be determined to be a great man and they are both substantial components that Hitler accomplished. Especially in Germany’s case there is a link between Carlyle Great Man Theory and the Crisis Theory. The Crisis Theory basically states that all historically significant events occur because of a war, economic depression or political instability.

The Crisis Theory basically allows the great man to emerge and put himself in a position of power. Germany was in such a crisis due to the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression that they were willing to do anything in the name of hope and they did by electing Doll Hitler as their leader. They way that he came to power and what he did while he was in power make him a great man according to Carlyle. The most ironic thing about Hitless views is his hatred for Jewish people and he fact that he believes that by eliminating them he will make his race pure.

Hitler said that, All the great civilizations of the past died out because contamination of their blood caused them to become decadent. In other words, in order to protect a certain culture, the type of human who created the culture must be preserved. 2 Hitler also said that he believed that the Aryan race has been mixed with other races which brings up the point that he would not be able to keep the Aryan race pure if it has already been mixed. There is also some proof that there is a chance that he was part Jewish himself: His father, Allis, was born in 1837.

He was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Sulzberger and her unknown mate, which may have been someone from the neighborhood or a poor millimeter named Johann George Huddler. It is also to have been employed as a cook in the household of a wealthy Jewish family named Brandenburg. There is some speculation their 19 year old son got her pregnant and regularly sent her money after the birth of Allis. Doll Hitler would never know for sure Just who his grandfather was. When comparing the outline of a great man according to Thomas Carlyle Great Man Theory and all of the key characteristics and components that go along with it to

Doll Hitler and his rise to power they are almost identical. Hitler fits into every single aspect of the theory, especially the two key components: the personality and the circumstances. Hitler was able to put into words the will of his age and accomplish it, he created a new force by challenging existing forces, he was an outstanding individual who was a product and an agent of the historical process, and he was able to change the world and the thoughts of man. That is the Great Man Theory and that is Doll Hitler. There are many other leaders in history such as Vladimir Lenin, Joseph

Stalin, Bonito Mussolini, and Saddle Hussein who all can be considered great men but Doll Hitler is the blueprint of a great man according to Carlyle and anyone who believes in his theory, he is the perfect Great Man. Bibliography Baldwin, Douglas, et al. Ideologies. 3rd Edition. Toronto. McGraw-Hill Reason Limited. 1997. Doorplate, Andrea. Doll Hitler. Microsoft Incarnate 98 Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition. Microsoft. 1997. Hitler, Doll. Funk ; Wagtails New Encyclopedia. Funk ; Wagtails Corporation. Volvo. 13, p. 133. Meier, David A. Doll Hitless Rise to Power. https://www. Ads. Nodal. Deed/users/admirer/Holocaust/Hitler. Ml. Jan. 16, 2004. 2nd source Home I Search Essays I FAQ I Guarantees I Privacy I Lost Essay? I Contact Search Results Free Essays Unrated Essays Better Essays Stronger Essays Papers Research Papers Search by keyword: Sort By: Powerful Essays Term Your search returned over 400 essays for “Doll Hitler”. To narrow your search results, please add more search terms to your query. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [Next ;;] these by color rating or essay length. Title Length Color Rating Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler Born in the Austrian town of Braun on April 20, 1889, Doll was the fourth child of Allis Schlesinger and Clara Hitler.

By 1900, young Doll’s talents as an artist surfaced. He did well enough in school to be eligible for either the university preparatory school or the technical/scientific Releasable. Because the technical/ scientific Releasable had a course in drawing, Doll enrolled in there. Doll suffered from frequent lung infections, and he quit school at the age of 16, partially the result of ill health, but mainly the result of poor schoolwork…. [tags: World History Doll Hitler] 1406 words (4 pages) $19. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler Doll Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in Braun, Austria.

He was the fourth child of Allis Schlesinger and Clara Hitler. The couple’s first three offspring died as children, but more two more were born later, in addition to Dolls half siblings from his father’s previous marriage. A housemaid described Dolls father as a strict but comfortable man, and his mother was known to give Doll much love and affection. As a child, Doll was very skilled at artwork, and even went too special school for awhile, but he didn’t do well there…. [tags: Doll Hitler Nazi Germany Biography Essays] :: 1 Works Cited :: 1 Sources Cited 1418 words (4. 1 pages) $19. 95 [preview]

Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler Doll Hitler was one of the worst dictators that the world has ever seen. Some people called him the devil, because of what he did to the Jews during WI. Hitler was a dictator that ordered the execution of millions of Jews and other people, during his reign of Nazi Germany. As a teenager Hitler served in WWW and years later was thrown in Jail, where he wrote his book Mien Kampala. Hitler soon became the dictator of Germany and started WI. At the age of twenty five, Hitler enlisted in the German army…. [tags: Doll Hitler Holocaust History German Essays] :: 4 Sources Cited 1605 words (4. 6 pages) $19. [preview] The Death of Doll Hitler – The Death of Doll Hitler On 1 May, at 9. 30 in the evening, Hamburg radio warned the German people that “a grave and important announcement” was about to be made. This was immediately followed by several excerpts from a number of Wager’s operas and the slow movement of Burner’s Seventh Symphony. Then at 10. 20 pm, came the voice of Grand-Admiral Karl Domino, Commander-in-chief for the north of Germany. In somber tones, he announced the death of Hitler and his own succession as Fuehrer of the Reich…. [tags: Nazi Germany Doll Hitler Essays] :: 2 Sources Cited 3342 words (9. 5 pages) $29. [preview] The Life of Doll Hitler – ” [My father’s greatest] desire had been to help his son forge his career, thus preserving [me] from his own bitter experience [as a boy]. In this, to all appearances, he had sown the seed for a future at the time neither he nor I could have comprehended” (Are 20). His dad’s death impacted Hitler greatly, as it left him in charge of his own future. He started doing poorly in school because he became lazy. Despite his failing interest in school, his history professor Leopold PГ??tics introduced Hitler to the Violists movement…. [tags: Doll Hitler, Nazi, history, Biography] 2077 words (5. Ages) $29. 95 [preview] people. Doll Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, the fourth child of Allis Schlesinger and Clara Hitler in the Austrian town of Braun. Two of his siblings died from diphtheria when they were children, and one died shortly after birth. Allis was a customs official, illegitimate by birth, which was described by his housemaid as a “very strict but comfortable” man. His mother showered Young Doll with love and affection…. [tags: Biography Biographies Hitler Essays] 2441 words (7 pages) $29. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler One of the most prominent names in the history of the roll is Doll Hitler.

Doll Hitter’s impact on the twentieth century is much more than any other man. Whether this impact is considered good or not, it does not matter. Hitter’s influence on the world, although not a good one, is unquestionable. Many leaders have had inspirations of ruling the world, but few of those leaders have had the strength or power to even attempt world domination. But Hitler was one of those few, his ability to lead a group into a fight for immoral purposes, and total control over Germany led to his dominance…. [tags: Nazi Hitler Biography Biographies Essays] :: 3 Works Cited 2340 words 6. 7 pages) $29. 5 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler On April 20, 1889, the world was changed forever when Doll Hitler was born to Allis and Clara Hitler in a little town named Braun-am-Len, Austria. Allis worked as a customs officer on the border crossing near their hometown. Doll was the third born in his family, but first to survive. Later would come Edmund, who would live to the age of six, and Paula who would live to out survive Doll himself. With a poor record in school, Doll Hitler dropped out with ambitions of becoming an artist…. [tags: essays research papers] 1209 words (3. 5 pages) $19. [preview] Doll Hitler – Hitler had a very useful skill he was a persuasive speaker and his willingness to use violence to get what he wanted. (1) The Nazi conducted an election campaign across Germany. Hitler traveled and spoke around the country receiving more than six million votes. (1) Doll Hitter’s last name was originally Sulzberger. He had taken his mothers last name but decided to change it to Headier, or Hitler because the name Hitler sounded rich and was easy to remember. He thought the name Sulzberger seemed uncouth, boorish, and unpractical…. [tags: Biography] :: 1 Works Cited 1408 words 4 pages) $19. 5 [preview] This view was brutal and was about keeping the German race pure. Lugar taught him that all the chaos and disruption in culture was caused by the Jewish and Marxist. When World War 1 rolled into German town Hitler Joined the Bavarian Army. He served in the Sixteenth Bavarian Infantry unit as a messenger. He was shot and gassed four weeks before the end of the war and ended up in the hospital for two months (Doll Hitler). He was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery and this is where he got the iron cross for the Nazi’s…. [tags: Biography] 1320 words (3. 8 pages) FREE Essays [view]

Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler 1889- 1920 Doll Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 in the small Austrian village of Braun Am Inn. Hitler would one day lead a movement early life and roots. Family Information Hitter’s father, Allis was born in 1837. He was the son of Maria Anna Sulzberger whose mate was unknown, but could have been Jewish. When Allis Hitler was about five years old Maria Sulzberger married Johann George Huddler…. [tags: Papers] 1289 words (3. 7 Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler Doll Hitler, to some, was a great ruler, but to others he was a murderer. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and was the dictator of Germany.

He ordered to have millions of Jews murdered or thrown in prisons. Doll Hitler was born April 20, 1889, in a small town in Australia called Braun. His dad’s name was Altos Hitler and was a customs official. He was 51 years old when Doll was born. Clara Poll, Doll’s mother, was a farm girl and was 28 when Doll was born. Clara and Altos had 6 children , but only Doll and his sister Paula survived childhood…. [tags: Biography Biographies] :: 3 Sources Cited 916 words (2. 6 pages) $9. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Biography. Doll Hitler was born in Braun, Austria on April 20, 1889.

Doll’s father, Allis, was 52 years old and his mother, Clara, was 28 years old. Doll’s mom and dad were second cousins. Doll had 7 siblings but only 4 made it to adulthood. Soon after Doll was born his father retired from being a customs official, and the family moved to Line, Austria. Allis had a bad temper and would beat Doll if he did not mind. However, Doll was a very bright student. He received good grades in elementary school and was very well liked…. [tags: Biography Biographies Bio] 1223 words (3. 5 pages) FREE Essays [view] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler When And Where He Was Born Doll Hitler was born in

Braun, Austria, on April 20 1889. Doll was the son of Clara and Allis Hitler. He was very hostile towards his father who was a minor customs officer on the Status- German border, and deeply attached to his housewife mother. Doll’s father Allis used to beat on Doll’s half brother Allis Jar, but when Allis reached the age of 14 and had had enough of the beating, he ran away from home never to see his father again…. [tags: Papers] 1836 words (5. 2 pages) $19. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler When most people think of Doll Hitler, they think of a cruel person who killed many innocent Jews.

The majority of people do not think of Hitler as the type of guy who would write plays and librettos for operas. Let alone do they think of him as the type of person who loved to read Westerns and play cowboys and Indians as a kid. Was Doll Hitler a bad leader. Was there a side of Doll Hitler that the world did not see. Hitter’s life impacted the world in many ways, in his rise to power, the way he controlled others, and in his death…. [tags: Nazis Germany Biography Essays] :: 4 Works Cited 1349 words (3. 9 pages) $19. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler Hitler. The name says it all. He is said to be the incarnation f absolute evil.

The devil himself. There have many dictators in the twentieth century that were considered harsh dictators; Mussolini,Stalin, Saddle Hussein, but no one like Doll Hitler. Hitter’s rule over Germany had a major impact on history and the entire world. Doll Hitler held the most powerful and cruelest dictatorship of the 20th century. Doll Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in the small Austrian village of Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler Doll Hitler changed the course of history. His childhood strongly shaped his personality. There were many deciding factors that determined the kind of person Hitler finally became.

Doll’s father was Allis, an illegitimate child, his mother was Marie Skullduggery. Allis took his fathers name Hitler before Doll was born. Allis was already a successful border guard when he was 18, and later became an Austrian customs official. He retired in 1849 after 40 years of service. He was 58 and retired early because of bad health…. [tags: Papers] 934 words (2. 7 pages) $9. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler When the topic of dictators is brought up who comes to mind. Most anyone will say Doll Hitler. Why was he so cruel. What drove his hatred for the Jews. Why did he want a so-called ? Refer. Race. Well the answer to all these questions might be answered from Hitler? s childhood. Adolph Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Braun am Inn, Austria. He was the son of Allis, a customs official, and Clara Hitler. Allis was a very mean and stern father. His death, in 1903, came as a relief to Doll…. [tags: WWW Nazi European History] 1886 words (5. 4 pages) $19. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler did not live a very long life, but during his time he caused such a great deal of death and destruction that his actions still have an effect on the world nearly 50 years later.

People ask what could’ve happen to this small sickly boy during his childhood that would’ve led him do such horrible things. For Doll it might have been society, rejection from his father, failure as an artist or was he born to hate? Doll was born in Braun, Austria in 1889. His father, Allis was a minor customs official, and his mother was a peasant girl…. [tags: essays research papers FCC] :: 3 Sources Cited 2003 words (5. 7 pages) $19. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitler Hitler was born in a small German town, Braun, at an inn. Hitless parents had always lived there and were of Bavarian and technically Austrian scent.

His father Allis Hitler was a civil servant and had been married three times. Allis was born illegitimate, and for the 1st 39 years of his life went by his mother’s last name Sulzberger until he changed it. His last name Hitler means “one who lives in a hut”. Later on in Doll’s life the allies tried to exploit his father’s illegitimacy, by saying Doll’s real last name was Sulzberger…. [tags: Biography] 1983 words (5. 7 pages) $9. 95 [preview] Doll Hitler – Doll Hitter’s Early Years Doll Hitter’s childhood was different than most, but alike at the same time.

Here you will see what went on in his family, what happened during decision making of secondary school, and what he did after school before he became the man everyone knows. Doll Hitler was born April 20, 1889. Doll lived with his family on a small farm outside of Line, Austria. His mother’s name was Clara. Hitler became very attached to her in his childhood. Allis was the name of his father…. [tags: essays research papers FCC] :: 1 Sources Cited 761 words (2. 2 pages) FREE Essays [view] Doll HitLer – Doll Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braun, Austria, a small town across the Inn River from Germany.

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