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Doll Hitler was born in Austria where he grew up dreaming that he would one day be an artist. This dream was quickly brought to a halt when he showed insufficient artistic skill and was denied acceptance to an art academy in Vienna. After his dreams of being an artist died down he spent much of his time doing small jobs and realized that his true interest was politics. In 1914, after discovering his interest in politics, Hitler joined the German Army.

He found a lot of success in the military and he was awarded the iron cross for bravery because of his success as a usage carrier. Hitter’s perspective on his military career took a negative turn after Germany was defeated In World War One. He believed that Germany was defeated because of the socialist and the Jews, and had the radical idea that these groups had surrendered the nation. After Germany was defeated Hitler took control of the German Workers Party In 1920.

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He changed the group’s name to the National Socialist German Workers Party, but it was often times referred to as the Nazi party for short. A few years after taking control of the Nazi party he and World War One hero General Ultrasound tried to dead their own revolution on November 9, 1923, that they called the Beer Halt Putsch. Hitler stood up on a table In a beer hall and announced that the Whimper government had been overthrown. All of their supports followed them into the streets, but their glory was short lived and both of them were arrested.

Hitler spent the next two years in prison. During those two years he wrote his book Mien Kampala, which means My Struggle, and In this book he expressed many Ideas about Aryan superiority over the Jewish community, as well as many Ideas concerning his future polices. After Hitler was released from Jail in 1925 he worked towards the advancement of the Nazi party. The government and the economy at this time were fairly stable so advancement was slow moving until around 1929. Soon the unemployment rates started to rise and the world was moving Into a fairly depressed state.

The Nazi party started to rise in popularity because it promised job opportunities and it expressed a great deal of pride in the nation. By 1 932, the Nazi party occupied 230 seats in the German Reichstag. All things considered the amount of instability still continued to rise. President Ron von Hindering was desperate for a solution and Hitler was his answer. Hitler was appointed by the president to be the chancellor. Hitler went right to work once receiving his position and issued as statement saying that public meetings, political uniforms, and publishing dissenting opinions are all prohibited.

In 1933, the Reichstag building burned down. A young mentally disabled boy was charged with the burning of the building after claiming that he worked with the communists. It is believed that that Nazis were actually responsible for the incident but there is no solid evidence to support that. Hitler used this event as a way to gain more control. He soon convinced Hindering the rights of all the citizens and he also made a decree saying that any state government could be removed from power by the central government if they failed to maintain order.

This decree is how Hitler 1 OFF central government to remove small state governments, and he used his own personal Army to deter opposing political figures. Hitler was still unable to gain a two thirds vote from the citizens and soon he teamed up with the Nationalist party and made communism illegal which gave him the boost in votes that he needed. On March 23, 1933 the Reichstag passes a law called the Enabling Act which gave Hitler even more power. This act allowed Hitler to make decrees concerning laws and elections.

Soon Hindering died in 1934 and Hitler used his new power to turn the positions of chancellor and president into one position. He was now the leader of all of Germany and he referred to his position as Deer Fuehrer. Hitler immediately went to action and formed the Third Reich. He used a group of secret police that he referred to as the Gestapo to remove all of citizens that publicly opposed Hitter’s policies. Many of Hitter’s policies were very vague but he had many ideas for a planned economy.

Many Jobs were formed so that people could work on government projects, and hours at existing Jobs were shortened in an attempt to open up more positions for the Jobless. The citizens were forbidden to organize their own labor and many of the citizens went without. The government now controlled every little aspect of the economy. Education and speech were now very limited by law and the Gestapo could arrest the citizens for speaking out against the government. All of the schools texts kooks were written to express Nazi ideology, and most other publications were used as a form of propaganda.

Many of Hitter’s policies were used as a way to form an anti-somatic atmosphere, where they could then Justify the prosecution of Germany’s Jewish citizens. This prosecution would then lead to the Holocaust which began in 1941. Prosecuting the Jews was all a part of Hitter’s plan to turn Germany into an Aryan nation. It was these ideas that directly lead to World War Two. There are many theories that attempt to explain why Hitler was able to gain power so quickly and easily. One theory was that he was Just pure evil but even better than hat he was an extremely convincing speaker.

He would spend many hours at a time in front of a mirror practicing his oratorical skills. He was a great manipulator and he was able to create a party that was reaching into the lives of all German citizens. Another explanation would be the damaged state the Germany was in after they were defeated in World War One. Soldiers were returning home to miserable condition and the unemployment rates were extremely high. The German people were finding it easiest to blame their defeat on the Jews and socialist instead of accepting the truth and Hitler supported these ideas.

Not only did he support this idea, but he went so far as to say that if they were able to exterminate all of Germany’s Jewish citizens then they would be able to return to their previous state of glory. Hitler did not grant the citizens of Germany freedom but he did grant them security. He told the citizens of Germany that he would take all actions necessary to restore the economy and improve the national pride. Based on all of these statements, Germany’s citizens were more than willing to let him be in a position of power. Hitter’s political policies were based on a bunch of promises to the desperate citizens of Germany.

He led all of the German citizens to believe that they would benefit directly from the Nazi government. He promised that unemployment rates through any extreme depression. One out of every two families was affected by unemployment. His policies were formed to play on the weaknesses of the German citizens. They supported him because they hoped for the brighter future he promised them. Hitler had used corruption and intimidation to gain power of Germany and he had no intentions of following through with his promises to the German citizens.

Hitler formed what would be considered a totalitarianism style of government. The swastika because the new symbol of the German government, and it could be seen almost anywhere in Germany. The Nazi party had taken total control of Germany. The ideology behind the swastika could be read in the news papers every single day and multiple forms of propaganda were used to manipulate German citizens. Every form of media was monitored by the government as a way to control the information citizens received. Soon there was one police officer for every 1 55 citizens.

These officers were used as a way to gain total control. Germany was now being defined by the Nazi party and by Hitler. Between 1933 and 1945 the Nazi’s established nearly 20,000 concentration camps. Concentration camps got their name because of the fact that people from what were considered socially unacceptable groups were concentrated in these areas. These camps were used as a way to imprison millions of people who had become victims to the government’s brutal ways. All of the camps served different purposes.

Some of the camps were used for forced labor, other camps served as a holding unit until the prisoners were taken to another camp, and the rest were used as extermination camps where the prisoners were murdered by the masses. Many of the early prisoners in the camps were communist, socialist, gypsies, social democrats, or part of some other group that classified them as enemies of the state. Germany annexed Austria in 1938 after that the Nazis started to arrest the German and Austrian Jews and take them into the Nazi concentration camps.

Dachas, Buchwald, and Chanteuses were all concentration camps located in Germany. These were locations that many of these innocent Jews were taken to. In November 1938, the night of broken glass occurred. This night is also sometimes referred to as Sarcastically. After the night of broken glass soldiers started inducting mass arrests of innocent Jewish men and they would incarcerate them in the camps for brief periods of time. In 1939 Germany invaded Poland. After this invasion Nazis were forced to open up even more forced labor work camps.

Thousands of people died in these camps because of exposure to diseases, lack of food and water, and exhaustion. The amount of camps started to grow rapidly during World War Two. The people in the camps began to suffer even more once the number of prisoners started to grow. Doctors in the camps were given the rights to do medical experiments on the prisoners and this caused the conditions in the camps to worsen. Many of the Jewish Concentration camps were used as killing centers. The killing centers were used as a way to carry out what government officials called the final solution.

The final solution was used as a way to exterminate all Jewish citizens. The largest killing centers were set up in Poland because they at the time had the highest Guards began to systematically kill them. In the early killing centers the prisoners were killed in mobile vans that would emit poisonous gases and kill people locked inside. The prisons soon became more efficient and gas chambers were built into he facilities. Auschwitz had four gas chambers built into it facilities to make the process more efficient and less interpersonal for the perpetrators.

On average nearly six thousand Jews were killed in the gas chambers daily at Auschwitz. More than three million Jews were killed in the killing centers alone and only a small amount of the Jews in the labor camps survived. On April 28, 1945 Hitler married a woman named Eva Braun. This was two days before they both committed suicide. Eva could have made millions of dollars writing memoirs, but she decided that she did not want to live without Hitler. On April 30, 1945 both of them ingested cyanide tablets and Hitler shot himself in the head.

Hitter’s body was cremated and his ashes were hidden on the Chancellery grounds. It is believed that Hitler committed suicide because defeat was inevitable. When he finally died the Soviet Union soldiers were only about 300 yards away from his bunker. He issued orders for all of his soldiers to fight to the death and any commander that retreated was executed. None of Hitter’s goals were successful. He had hoped to expand Germany, instead Germany separated into two different egging by the Berlin wall.

He had also hoped to exterminate all of the Jews in hopes of one day having an Aryan nation, instead the Jewish people had formed their own state and they had a very active and influential role in world politics. Hitter’s plans and policies devastated Europe and after his death the future of Europe was uncertain. His policies showed the dangers of nationalism and the importance of democracy. They also shed light on the dangers of bigotry and racism. The price the Europeans paid to learn this lesson was great, but they now had the information they deed to build a very promising future free from dictatorships and oppression.

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