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Doll Hitler was an Austrian born soldier, artist and politician that rose to power in the late sass and early ass. HIS ascension to power was briefly halted In 1923 when he spent a year In prison In which he published his autobiographical Ideological best seller “Mien Kampala”. The work that laded out his master plan for Europe and eventually the world was not taken Into consideration nearly soon enough, but as history shows It has lasting effects.

Never before has one man swayed history in such a dark and abrupt ay, and as we look at his life up to this point we can see some of the influences and events that shaped him. Born in Braun am Inn, Austria on April 20th 1889 Young Doll an illegitimate child struggled through school and grew increasingly hostile towards his father with age. The volatile relationships at home were balanced only by Hitless love for his mother, who shortly after his father died before Hitler turned 20. With almost no support at home and a strong sense of independence Hitler left to make it as a painter In Vienna.

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The now solo young Hitler was further embittered hen the Viennese Academy of Fine arts turned him down not once, but twice. The ever Increasingly angry, young destitute of a man scraped along living off a small family Inheritance and what he could make off his artwork. Without even a permanent residence, young Hitler wandered the streets of Vienna, a town presided over by its deeply anti-Semitic mayor Karl Ledger. It appears that it was here that he formed his ideology that would shape the rest of his life, and the fate of Millions. In line with his constant drifting, Hitler moved to Munich in 191 3 while dodging military service.

It would later be him who would say, “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live… ” And when the First World War broke out in mid 1914 Hitler did Just that. Serving as a message runner in the 6th Bavarian Reserve Regiment, the now 25-year- old Hitler saw action In major events like the Battle Of The Some and The Battle of Hypes. Such conflicts had staggering death tolls and Hitter’s own company of 250 men was reduced to 42 In Just a few short months.

Noted by his fellow infantrymen the experience caused the young soldier to remain secluded and withdrawn for the remainder of the war. Hitler would be twice decorated for bravery and had a number of close near death experiences, which he would later recall as divine intervention, and approval of his rise to power. It wasn’t until October of 191 8 that a British gas attack would temporarily lay the Lance Corporal out of commission. While temporarily blind and still recovering in a military hospital, he received news of Germany’s surrender. Hitter’s great German empire had been broken up into a republic, the

Kaiser would soon abdicate and the whole country would be forced to sign the humiliating treaty of Versailles. How could the country that was destined to dominate the 20th century lose so easily? To Hitler it was simple; they had been stabbed in the back. Lacking education and experience Hitler tried to remain In the Army as long as possible, and soon after the war was reassigned to a reconnaissance unit. On an early Nilsson to spy on a group of roughly 50 Individuals, Hitler soon became intrigued with their principles, the name of the group, The German Workers party. Indeed the GAP and within three years was the chairmen of the newly dubbed National Socialist German workers or Nazi party. Utilizing his almost unnatural talent for public speaking Hitler soon began speaking to crowds of thousands in Munich and surrounding cities using Jews, communists and the Versailles treaty as a scapegoat for Germany’s problems. The Nazi party once 55 members, were now Just under 4000. With the party itself growing rapidly as well as outside support, Hitler and 3000 supporters in uniform marched on a local public gathering in a beer hall and declared their new government.

The Nazi forces were successful in apprehending a near by police station but by the time the marched on their target, The Bavarian War Ministry, police had dispersed the group killing 16. Hitler fled but was soon arrested tried and imprisoned for Just under a year during which he drafted “Mien Kampala”. Upon his release from prison in 1925 the economy in Germany had improved and the public seemed in an optimistic mood, bad news for a fanatical Hitler. He had also been banned from public speaking and much of the party lay dormant, growing at a sluggish rate compared to a few years earlier.

As with all his life Doll Hitler seemed to always be in the right place at the right time and when the Stock Market plummeted in the United States and millions of Germans became unemployed, Hitler was there to shred the Versailles treaty, offer Jobs and strengthen Germany. By 1930, with moderate political parties unable to quench the national sway of extremism the NSAP won Just under 20 percent of the vote giving them 107 parliament seats and making them the second largest party in parliament. After gaining citizenship Hitler ran for president but narrowly lost to the former Hindering but despite the loss

Hitler once again grew in popularity. After being recommended to Hindering by other influential politicians Hitler was soon appointed chancellor. After a suspicious fire in the parliamentary meeting place, or Reichstag, Hitler and the NSAP used this as “proof” that action was needed and after their “enabling act” was passed they could now act outside of the constitution and could even function outside of parliament. With complete control over the legislative and executive branches and the military Hitler now used all means necessary to suppress other political groups including violence.

In a night of purging of his own party known as “The Knight Of The Long Knives” 85 members were murdered and while much of Germany was shocked many still saw Hitler as simply trying to restore order. With his party perfected and the public under his spell rapid military growth followed as well as the invasion of surrounding “German” countries. England, France and other concerned nations remained on the sidelines while Austria and Czechoslovakia were added to the Reich but in September of 1939 Hitler launched his blitz into Poland, sparking the Second World War.

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