Reaction paper battle of bataan Assignment

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I was viewing the movie clip, it definitely have shown what our forefathers did that displayed patriotism and sacrifice worthy of emulation. The Filipino and US soldiers who fought hand-in-hand in defend of Bataan and Corrigenda would definitely serve as an inspiration whose unfaltering commitment, braveness and endurance stood up against overwhelming odds. As a student here in CSS, I have been complaining of the hotness of the weather to include walking long distances to proceed to the venue of our activities and standing long hours to perform drills.

But upon seeing the clip, it made me realize that what I have gone through is incomparable the soldiers, who were present during the Battle of Bataan followed by the Death March, had endured. They had fought a courageously and bitterly contested struggle. It had then made me realize that instead of complaining, one should always look back to the soldiers who fought hard that despite being out-gunned, out- quipped and out-fed, still they continue to defend the country from Japanese invaders even if it means sacrificing their own lives.

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With these, would definitely continue to aim for excellence in whatever duties that will be entrusted to me and to set an example of a soldier who possesses the values of duty, patriotism and honor so that in my own little ways I can pay back the sacrifices that they had offered to our motherland in the thought of attaining freedom which we are reaping and experiencing now a days.

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