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Protocol could not be explained by balance of interest (alone), but more because of “embedded symbolism” Lad’s decision to pursue global environmental leadership, reinforced by the media and public opinion. The name “Kyoto Protocol” had also become a national symbol and Japan’s environmental policy identity. In general, I find that the factors behind Japan’s foreign policy on environment as identified by both articles rather similar and consistent. When reading both articles together, Japan’s initial efforts to become the global environmental deader as well as its subsequent slack were wallpapering.

Japan’s Role in Kyoto Protocol On Japan’s initial efforts towards Kyoto Protocol, Oath explained that it stemmed from Japan’s quest to make a nonmilitary contribution (as constrained by the Japanese constitution) to international affairs. Both articles have identified that Japan had the ideal domestic and political factors (together with strong public support) in the earlier years that supported its initial efforts. Although in the later years, the international and domestic contexts were not favorable for Japan o promote the Kyoto agreement, Japan has taken painful and costly measure s to continue the Kyoto Protocol.

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Case Study: Japanese Foreign Economic policy, Grasp Week 9 (December 4) Reaction Paper (by CHOC How Yen, Constance; Student ID: 51138033) In addition, both articles also pointed out that the name of “Kyoto Protocol” (bearing the name of a ices’ of Japan) made it indispensable for Japanese government to take a global environmental leadership role in tackling the global environmental problem, including its decision o step forward with the EX. And the (small part) of the rest of the world, despise et the US has decided to withdraw from it.

Ratification vs… Implementation Tiebreaker also pointed out that ratification was quite different from implementation, which I find this point interesting. Ratification is highly visible with tangible reputation, while implementation is the outcome of countless lowered battles, which are quite technical and hidden from the public eyes. Indeed, the pacifications battle over implementation would be a more difficult recess.

I wonder how the reduction targets could be implemented by distributing the targets among different domestic industries, in particular the stakeholders are in fact private business enterprises (which make it difficult for the Government to impose mandatory targets on them). Conclusion All in all, the role and efforts Of Japan in negotiating the Kyoto Protocol and the subsequent implementation battle could serve as a good case study for International Political Economy (PIPE), since many factors came into play and all were crucial n affecting Japan’s decision and approach to the matter.

However, I am disappointed (or feel sad) to realize how these domestic factors could actually affect a country’s participation in environmental affairs. Ideally, each country should cooperate to solve this global problem for social justice.

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