Poverty Quiz Questions Assignment

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Question options: a) Throughout the life course b) During childhood c) In infancy d) In utter Question 3 O/ 2 points In response to the question “What is more important sociologists tend to respond: Question options: A combination of nature and nurture Depends upon the culture the person is from Nature Nurture nature or nurture? ” Question 5 Which of the following is a micro-level colonization activity? Question options: Reading a religious text (e. G. , the Koran, the Bible) “Playing house” with a small group of friends

Watching a nationally syndicated TV advertisement for luxury cars None of the above Question 6 The statement, “Different levels of socializing agents operate to support each other” is most closely related to: Question options: Sociobiology theory Conflict theory Structural-functional theory Symbolic interaction theory Question 19 Isabella is a good student; she attends sociology class, does well in her other studies, and would never break a campus rule. Unfortunately, her brother Craig is addicted to drugs, steals from their mother, and lives on the streets.

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One day, Craig calls Isabella and asks her to let him stay in her dorm. Isabella knows that visitors are not allowed in the dormitory, but she wants to help her brother. According to role theorists, Isabella is feeling: Question options: Role conflict Role strain Role reversal All of the above Question 30 0/2 points In the study of the Saints and the Roughnecks, Chemicals found that: Social status determines how individuals are treated. The boys engaged in deviant behaviors that made sense for their social positions. Labeling someone as a “deviant” can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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