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Mix Presentation By: Cornelia Solomon Red Lobster Red Lobster is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in freshly prepared seafood dishes. 4 As Marketing Mix Analysis Over the last several years, consumers have become more concerned about their overall health. A healthier life is believe to be a direct correlation to diet. This trend has forced Red Lobster to change their menu in order to meet consumers needs.

This presentation will outline our new strategy focusing on the 4 As marketing mix as we introduce our Light House Menu. Product Lighthouse menu ;In 2004, studies wowed consumer were eating healthier and want restaurant to offer healthier choices. ;Red Lobster met this need by offering the Light House Menu. ;All items on the light house menu contains fewer than 500 calories 1 g of fat, g of saturated fat, 750 MGM of sodium and egg of carbohydrates.

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Healthier Choices Place Ordered Lobster is the largest seafood casual dining restaurant in the United States and Canada with 63,000 employees. The Light House Menu will be offered in each of its 700 stores nationwide. The Light House Menu will include nutritional information alongside each entrye. Price Ordered Lobster is committed to providing quality food entrees for every budget. The Light House Menu prices will range from $12 to $30 depending on the geographical location. $12. 99 $14. 9 $18. 99 $29. 99 Promotion Dour marketing team have developed several ways to promote the Light House Menu . Television Commercials Email Ads Discounted Coupons Redoubts. Com Conclusion this presentation outlined Red Lobster’s marketing strategy to introduce the new Light House menu. Consumers will have healthier choices that focuses on both nutrition and taste. If successful, we will further set ourselves apart from other casual dining restaurants and increase market shares.

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