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The company has significant airline, vehicle rental, and charter bus discounts that can be obtained hen booking travel through the company’s designated travel agencies. Travelers are strongly encouraged to utilize these designated travel agencies when making travel arrangements. Additional information about these services is provided by the Travel Office. Individuals are considered in travel status when traveling on official business for the company whether or not expenses are to be reimbursed.

All travelers seeking reimbursement should incur lowest reasonable travel expenses. The process is as follows. Travelers must first receive authorization. Travelers should verify that planned travel is eligible for reimbursement before making travel arrangements. Upon completion of the trip and within 90 days, the traveler must submit a Travel Reimbursement Form and supporting documentation to obtain reimbursement of expenses. An individual may not approve his/her own Travel Order or Reimbursement.

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Individuals with responsibility to approve Travel Orders and/or Travel Reimbursements are designated by each unit. Designated approval authorities are required to review expenditures and withhold reimbursement if there is reason o believe that the expenditure is inappropriate or extravagant. Travelers should review reimbursement guidelines before spending personal funds for business travel to determine if such expenses are reimbursable.

Upon determination of requested reimbursement travelers will be paid. Although the following items may be associated with business travel they are not reimbursable. Airline club memberships Airline upgrades Child-care, babysitting, house-sitting, pet-setting Commuting between home and primary work site Personal entertainment expenses Personal travel accident insurance The following procedures are to be followed when requesting reimbursement for travel. Staff must submit a Pre-trip Worksheet.

This worksheet will outline date of travel. Where staff will be traveling time of arrival/departure and expenses staff expects to incur while traveling. Upon receipt of your pre-trip worksheet the information will be entered into the system to generate a Travel (“T) number. When the number is generated staff will be emailed the number. (The travel orders must be processed prior to the trip for authorized business travel). Once the travel order is received a “T” number is generated.

This number is used to as an auditing tool and must be shown on all receipts regardless of payment method. A travel order is not required prior to trip for reimbursement of parking, tolls, gasoline in lieu of mileage, and/or bus passes. Staff is also reminded to adhere to the following when making travel arrangements for reimbursement: Airfare staff is expected to obtain the lowest fare available Automobile personal car mileage will be reimbursed provided the cost does not exceed the expensive travel.

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