Digital Marketing Strategy for Funky Ape Cooler Bags Assignment

Digital Marketing Strategy for Funky Ape Cooler Bags Assignment Words: 334

Increase violators to website Increase customers Set Key Performance Indicators for digital marketing strategy: In 12 months’ time: rank number one for Wine cooler bags’ in Google. IEEE using organic SEE and paid Have 2,000 followers on Twitter Increase website visitor conversion rate by 5% 3. Overview of target customers Wine and beer lovers; People shopping for unusual gifts; Garden Centers; Retail Shopping Outlets; Wine Shops. 4. List of competitors supranational. IEEE; imprint. IEEE; Amazon. Co. K; eBay,IEEE. 5. List of companies whose progress I’m benchmarking (companies I’d aspire to being s successful as) Alphabet Books; Blue Manatee; The Lion & The Unicorn 6. ‘Region’s Children’s Books’ Brand Overview Top of mind: What is the first thing I want people to think when they are introduced to my business? A funky , cool, desirable, useful and inexpensive product which stands out from other similar products. Attribute: What the brand does / has – how can we connect emotionally with our customers?

Our products are not only useful and very portable but also inject a sense of fun into an increasingly dreary society. Benefit: What benefit does my brand bring to my customers? As out product works for both beer and wine bottles we pander to all tastes. Territory: The world my brand belongs in: Wine stores, retail shops, gadget shops. Value: My company’s values – what we believe in Bringing Irish children’s books to a global audience. Preserving the written word for future generations. Supporting artists, writers and small press publishers.

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Role: What role does my company play in society or customer’s lives? Region’s Children’s Books bridges the gap between traditional writers and illustrators and a global market. Because we sell self-published and small press publications we stock books – often emitted editions – that you can’t get anywhere else. 7. Overview of digital marketing strategy execution – Organic: Website: http://typeface. Wordless. Com/ Use website as repository for core company information lead all pages to shopping Include social media sharing buttons on all pages.

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