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Also a roll of more designs and new t-shirt ideas. The brand should be developed to compete with all varieties of t-shirt that are currently available online. Goals of dealt marketing strategy: Build awareness Build trust Build brand awareness Create opportunities Generate leads Increase visitors to website Increase customers Make our Social Media Platforms a fun and cool place to be Stand out from all competitors by developing a fresh and ever evolving approach to content posted online Make the customer feel they have an Input in the brand and are not Just viewed as a source of profit

Set Key Performance Indicators for digital marketing strategy: In 12 months’ time: Get 1000 likes on Backbone Have 1000 followers on Twitter Increase website visitor conversion rate by 10% 3. Overview of target customers Customers looking for an unusual t-shirt design; People shopping for unusual gifts; Fun loving Individuals looking for clothes that show their humorous side; Parents looking for a present for their teenage children; 4. List of competitors http://www. Treadles. Com/ http://www. Thistle. Com 5.

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List of companies whose progress I’m benchmarking (companies being as successful as) Hairy Baby T-shirts Mr. -ere T-shirts Road kill T-shirts T-shirt Hell Thread less 6. Blob T-shirts Brand Overview I’d aspire to Top of mind: What is the first thing I want people to think when they are introduced to my business? This business is a modern and efficient e-commerce business, supplying unusual t-shirts designed by our in-house artist Andy Walsh. Attribute: What the brand does / has – how can we connect emotionally with our customers?

This business provides t-shirts with a very light-hearted and funny theme and will appeal to people wishing to wear clothing that show this fun side of their personality. The brand also provides a platform for artists like Andy to showcase their talents. The website advertises the fact that the designs are created by many different talented individuals. Benefit: What benefit does my brand bring to my customers? Blob T-shirts are available to internet users and provides customers with an alternative to high street shopping brands. Our products can also be bought as a quirky or unique gift.

Territory: The world my brand belongs in. Online T-shirt sales. Youth culture Unique clothing Niche Fun Clothing Value: My Company’s values – what we believe in paving our customers a product with a difference. Providing a platform for artists to develop their creative talents. Establishing a customer friendly business that values interaction with our customer base. We believe in the fair trade production of our products and would strive to maintain all industry standards. Role: What role does my company play in society or customer’s lives?

We are an addition to the massive e-commerce market, providing a good, clean living and fun product. Almost everyone wears a t-shirt at some stage or other and if that t-shirt can portray a fun usage and raise a smile or two, then a little part of society is happier. 7. Overview of digital marketing strategy execution- Website: www. Blotchiest. E Use website as repository for core company information Lead all pages to shopping cart. Have a call-to-action on each page. Link to Tumbler blob under a tab in the site. Include social media sharing buttons on all pages.

SEE: Keyword analysis to ensure all web copy is on target for optimum search engine optimization. Monitor Google Analytics once a week to keep tabs on visitor data. Review keywords and web copy once every three months. The top keywords and phrases for my business, May 2013, for the targeting of an Irish market are: 1. Blob tee-shirts / t-shirts 2. Fun tee-shirts / t-shirts 3. Humorous tee-shirts / t-shirts 4. His n’ Hers tee-shirts / t-shirts 5. Youths tee-shirts / t-shirts 6. Kids tee-shirts / t-shirts 7. Children’s tee-shirts / t-shirts 8. Colorful tee-shirts / t-shirts 9.

Tee-shirts online 10. T-shirts online 11. Cartoon tee-shirts / t-shirts 12. Face tee-shirts / t-shirts 13. Funky tee-shirts / t-shirts 14. Cool tee-shirts / t-shirts 15. Event tee-shirts / t-shirts 16. Men’s tee-shirts / t-shirts 17. Ladies tee-shirts / t-shirts 18. Kids tee-shirts / t-shirts My web copy endeavourers to incorporate these keywords where possible. 8: Social Media Marketing: We have designed our own logo and are using the slogan ‘ Taking Over The World Since 2013 These will our standard and will be used across our entire Social Media campaign in an effort to build brand awareness.

All new designs to be posted across all of our social media platforms using a variety of image methods to add visual variation to the posts. For example- Design posted as a standalone image as it appears on clothing range Design posted on actual looting item Post appears as an announcement type poster depicting the design Design posted on other accessories such as mugs and tote bags Change Backbone banner image to correspond with some design releases that may warrant special promotion By posting design as’. N. Content across all social media platforms and populating them higher on, amongst others, Google images which can be a huge bonus when someone is searching for something visual, in such a competitive market as t-shirt sales. Mainstream would be a must have addition to our social media for this campaign. Guerrilla Marketing We launched a Youth video promotion for Blob T-shirts which we have shared across our other social media platforms. Being a lean start up this production is far from Paxar standards and is a self-made effort but we were modestly pleased with.

It is more of a slideshows than a video and all of the graphics were produced in Photos. We explore some of the possibilities of our slogan which is ‘ Taking Over The World Since 2013 ‘ by subtly suggesting 1320 as the year of our inception and this false claim could be taken on and developed as part of a marketing campaign. A series of spoof documentary style videos could chart the history of Blob T-shirts from 1320 to the current day. After posting our first Youth video on Backbone we offered to feature the names of those that liked it in our next video in an effort to promote interest.

This type of campaign could be developed further and would lend a sense of inclusion with our brand to our customers. Conventional guerrilla marketing would also be explored with poster campaigns in an effort to increase awareness of the brand and point people to our online platforms. Post weekly blob posts on Tumbler or Wordless Blob using close-up pictures of new products and designs and discuss some of the design inspirations and the design process.

Content Marketing: Type of posts: Post a new design that will be printed with a caption and asking your followers to come up with the caption and win a prize. Maintain our video ads on Youth and develop the strategy of fans inclusion in further productions. All new designs posted on same day as products are launched for sale. Pass on all of Spread shirts special offers such as Free Postage, through our posts. Ask customers to post pictures of themselves wearing the Blob brand. Mock campaigns with Blob brand Photo shopped on old, and or famous photographs and people.

Sites that would be of interest to my target market -People who enjoy humor and like to display that on a t-shirt and people who want to have something different than their peers on their t-shirt would be also interested in: HTTPS://www. Hairspray. Com/ http://skinny. Defibrillators. Com/ http://www. Radiologists. Commencing=CK01gP6JsLoCFWRY2wodJyMAeQ http:// www. Warmhearted. Com/ Articles of interest Topics related to my product would be online t-shirt selling, graphic design, and clothing. Below is a link to discussions on all thing T-shirt http://www. -shirtfronts. Com/ Start-up Nation can provide some really good advice Retailers Unusual posts that aim to start a social media conversation. In keeping with the light hearted, wacky and fun nature of the initial designs of our range we would aim to have a series of equally daft posts appearing sporadically in our output. Were Blob T-shirts lost on the Titanic? We refute the claim that cats have been injured in the making of our T-shirts! Did Hitler invade Russia simply to rob Stalin of a rare discontinued Blob T-shirt?

Why Blob T-shirts is an anagram of Thirst Blobs and what role has this played in world drought? We could also seek the opinions of our fan base by regularly asking for their opinions regarding our products. If we were to design a truly unique t-shirt for you, one that really made you stand out from the crowd, what would it be? Paid: Run Backbone Page Post Ads – Target young people with an interest in socializing pop culture. Also target college students. [Actual Ad] Become a part of THE Revolution! Blob T-shirts! Taking Over The World Since 2013. Or is it 1320?

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