Digital Marketing Strategy for a Pub in Ireland Assignment

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The Bath Pub was established in 2012 By Mr. Stephen Coney and Mr. Brian Maloney. The pub is located on Bath Avenue in Dublin 4 and is a stone’s throw from the Aviva stadium. The proprietors do not currently have an active digital marketing strategy however they do use Twitter and Backbone quite regularly. In this document we have analyses the digital presence of The Bath Pub as well as a number of their competitors. We have also outlined how through the various different channels we can enhance their own digital presence, and hopefully increase the customer base.

The strategy we have devised will focus on a few key areas; * SEE (Search Engine Optimization) * Blobbing * Social Networking Email marketing (on a trial basis initially) We have also outlined a number of targets we aspire to hit through the implementation of this strategy, and a budget for same. Finally we have outlined a calendar of events for monitoring and reviewing the digital marketing strategy. 2. Situation Analysis Established in 2012 the Bath Pub is located on Bath Avenue in Dublin 4. The Bath is owned and run by Stephen Coney and his partner Brian Maloney.

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The pub is a superb addition to the well known eateries and bars established nearby. The pub is a stone’s throw from the Aviva Stadium and is considered the primary venue for pre ND post-match entertainment. With a number of large businesses (including Google) located nearby, the proprietors also have a large corporate market to tap into. The bath pub is also available for private parties. There is an abundance of television screens both inside and outside the pub showing live sports seven days a week. Current Digital Marketing Channels 1.

Email Marketing to a small extent Just through ‘special offer’ subscription. 2. Search engine optimization of the bath pub website. 3. Social networking – Backbone & Twitter. 4. Website www. Deathbed. IEEE Search Engine ranking review; Search Terms GOOGLE I Bath Pub Ranking I Competitor I Pubs Dublin 4. | Not on first two pages. I Page * The 51 bar * The chop house * Waterloo bar * Schoolhouse’s * Coarsens I Pubs Aviva stadium I I Page * Chophouse * Waterlogged * Coarsens I Sports pubs Page 1 .

South Dublin I Not on first two pages I Page * The Goat * Snottily Top pubs South Dublin I Not on first two pages I Best pubs South Dublin I Not on first two pages I I Private Parties Pubs Dublin I Not on first three pages I Page * Migrants * Howl at the Monoplane * O’Brien I The current Google ranking of the site indicates the website requires search engine optimization in order to improve its position and attract site visitors.

Current Social Media Activity Analysis; Backbone; * The Bath Pub currently has a Backbone page * Stephen Coney has a Backbone page * Brian Maloney has a Backbone page * 2,105 current likes on Backbone * 172 people are talking about The Bath Pub * 5,071 people have checked in at The Bath Pub * Events page not updated regularly updates Twitter; * The Bath Pub currently has a twitter account @Deathbed has a Twitter account @consistency * The bath pub currently has 2,761 followers.

Linked; * The Bath Pub has no Linked page * Brian Maloney has a Linked page Stephen Coney has a Linked page * Stephen Coney The Bath Pub is not currently active on Pinsetters, Flicker or Youth. Competitors Social Media Online Activity 1. Slatterns * No website * No Backbone * No Twitter * No Linked 2. Chophouse * Website www. Technophobes. IEEE * Backbone page with 825 likes. Updated sporadically. * Twitter account with 877 followers. Regularly Tweeting. 3. The 51 * Website www. Teeth bar. Com * Backbone page with 807 likes.

Regularly updated * Twitter account with 673 followers. Regularly Tweeting 4. Aryans of Beggars Bush * Website www. Beggar’s. Com * Backbone page with 15 likes. Dormant. No twitter account. 5. Smyth of Headhunting Road * Backbone page with 210 likes. Updated sporadically. * Twitter account with 231 followers. Tweeting regularly. 6. Coarsens * Website www. Serbians. IEEE * Backbone page with 760 likes. Regularly updated. 7. The Waterloo * Website www. thewaterloobarandgrill. IEEE * Backbone page with 670 likes. Regularly updated. * Twitter account with 891 followers.

Updated regularly. 8. The schoolhouse Pub * www. Schoolhouse’s. Com * Backbone page with 1,461 likes. Updated regularly. * Twitter account with 194 followers. Regularly tweeting. 3. Audience The target audience for The Bath Pub is; Young professionals 20+ * Corporate clientele in the locality * Sporting enthusiasts * Match goers in both the Aviva and REDS. * After dinner drinkers * Local Residents * Couples 4. Channels SEE; The Bath Pub website needs to be search engine optimized in order to give the site the best chance of being ranked high in Google.

To do this keyword research will be conducted to ensure we are using the correct words that our target audience are actually using in searches. We will then optimism our site copy and code for these essential keywords, paying particular attention to page titles, headers, and the body ext. * Keyword research; using Google keyword tool, brainstorming in the office and asking customers with which the bath pub have a good relationship for their input on Keywords. * An evaluation of the current Bath Pub website will be carried out to assess if site text incorporates relevant keywords. Keywords/Phrases will be boiled or italicized to facilitate web users scanning the page. * Higher ranking competitor sites will be analyses to establish their strengths in comparison to the Bath and pinpoint areas the Bath site could be improved to garner more search traffic and increase search rankings. The bath will contact regular suppliers/ partners offering them testimonials for use on their own site in exchange for inbound links to the bath pub website. We will also review listings in directories to ensure the bath is listed in all relevant online directories.

Blobbing and social networking will also facilitate link building. * Competitor sites will also be reviewed to establish who is linking to them and where they are being discussed online. * Content evaluation; possibly add additional content to the bath pub website to make it more search engine friendly. Current Keywords for the Bath Pub – Bath Bar Dublin-The Bath Bar Dublin-the Bath Dublin Pub-The Bath Pub Dublin-Bath Dublin Beer Gardens-Beer gardens Dublin From the keywords currently used by the bath the following are available which will have a positive impact on our search engine ranking.

By implementing a blob on the Bath Pub website which can be linked to all social media channels this would allow us to create fresh content and incorporate keywords and back links which can be hosted independently from the bath site and embedded on the site. Search Engine Marketing; Google Towards. * In order to increase The Bath Pubs online visibility and traffic to the site when elevate queries are entered into search engines I. E. Google, we will roll out a Google towards campaign. A limited spend of ??200 per month will be allocated to the campaign during the initial test period – gauging success using analytics, emails/calls received, etc. Spend can then be increased as required for future activity and key occasions. * Keyword research will be carried out in order to establish what keywords people are utilizing in order to maximize our toward campaign. * Towards text will be drafted with keywords in mind. Initially a range of adverts will e tested and evaluated (using analytics for towards) in order to establish which keywords and which call to action deliver the most conversions.

Towards will be scheduled to appear at different times of the day in order to establish the best time in terms of click through to the site. As our target audience is quite broad and varied, Backbone/Linked/Online display advertising were considered, but due to cost limitations it would be more effective to bring the main focus and push to all social media platforms and undertake SEE and Google analytics and look into further for the following 12 months. Website Development; The website was only recently developed and as such needs little work, however an active blob (once weekly) will be implemented and clearly outlined on the site.

Email Marketing From enquiries through our website we have amassed a small database of commercial contacts in the area. This combined with the commercial contacts of both Stephen and Brian will be used for a small email marketing campaign. This will be trialed twice in order to gauge benefits/response of email marketing to the Bath. We will have a simple format with two articles, pictures, and an invite to a free table quiz n the pub. Blobbing * Recommend launching a Bath Pub blob which can sit within the existing site architecture * Company news – self promotional articles, photos of nights in the pub, upcoming events, and special offers.

The blob will have an informal tone and comment on wider issues/trends/news/sports. * A minimum of one weekly. This will Google search ranking. * Blob posts will have social bookmarks integrated allowing readers to post the content to twitter, Backbone, etc. Simply and quickly- encouraging users to promote the blob content for us. * Website analytics, Google Keywords, and log comments will be reviewed regularly in order to optimism the content of the blob over time to the interests of the readers. This will also ensure that the blob posts contain relevant keyword-rich text to ensure SEE.

Social Media Strategy; Backbone In relation to Backbone we will * Add a new promotion e. G. Weekly/Monthly competition offering a prize (e. G. A voucher) * Build connections with other relevant pages to attract more users * Update Backbone events more regularly promoting upcoming events * Add Backbone polls – market research can be leveraged from this * Include a booking function through the Backbone page. Conduct searches on blobs and new websites, identifying relevant content to share on Backbone. Gauge response levels to content shared to establish the best content in terms of engaging with the target audience. Frequent online engagement with posts and fans. Twitter In relation to Twitter we will * Use twitter to promote our weekly/monthly competition. * Use twitter to promote our upcoming events share on twitter. * Engage with our followers on twitter. * Drive people to the Backbone page and website, highlighting content and promotions. * Open the door to content generation and spark a conversation through competitions e. . Want to win a bucket of beers for five people at the bath? Our pub has the wow factor – take a picture of something that wowed you. Linked In relation to Linked in we will * Create a Linked profile for The Bath Pub.

The company profile can detail information on the company – a compelling description of the company, number of employees, industry it operates in, type of clients etc. This content will aim to be keyword rich. * Add the company logo to increase brand awareness and add links to the company website * Arrange events in the Pub so that they can be promoted through Linked events and raise event attendance. Ensure Twitter feeds and the new blob are integrated it ensure each piece of content posted online is utilized to the maximum. It also gives the perception that The Bath Pub is very active online and ensures the account is regularly updated. Each staff member should be encouraged to have an active maintained Linked profile and build relationships through Linked connections to customers, suppliers, partners etc. * Ensure relevant industry Linked groups are Joined and that The Bath Pub gets involved in group discussions. Insurability is key to assessing the success of any strategy so it is important each element in this digital marketing strategy is monitored and evaluated in order to tailor an online promotion plan which best suits The Bath Pub and its target audience.

By evaluating current subscribers and website traffic and monitoring this on an on-going basis tactics can be continuously evaluated and enhanced. In short we will measure the success of each digital marketing channel by; 1. Stephen and Brian will endeavourer to establish from new customers where they heard about The Bath Pub, taking note of the date and the channel mentioned (on or offline marketing). Reviewing if the number of new business calls/emails rises in correlation with digital marketing activity. 2.

Once weekly take note of the Bath Pubs site ranking in Google search results and monitor its rise/fall over time. 3. Monitor (once weekly) and analyses Google analytics to evaluate the keywords people used to find The Bath Pub website, the time spent on site, whether they are returning or first time visitors, and most importantly whether or not they click through to ‘contact us’ etc. We will also review the impact of blobbing and social networking on the number of referring sites/inbound links and search engine traffic. . Review and monitor the number of comments to The Bath Pubs weekly blob. . Study the number of followers on twitter. Reviewing if these are growing over time are they relevant to the industry. 6. Monitor the Backbone page likes. Also monitor the number of check ins at the pub. 7. Analyzing Google analytics for towards to evaluate the conversion rate of toward campaigns to measure their impact/effectiveness. Regular evaluation of the success of each online communications tool will also allow us to reduce the time spent on channels which are not demonstrating ROI and concentrate on those which are delivering maximum impact or testing other emerging online tools.

Our goals * Increase The Bath Pubs SEE ranking. Increase traffic to the website by 50%. * Raise awareness of The Bath Pub and its events and function opportunities. * Enhance The Bath Pub social media platform turning followers into customers. We would like to see our twitter following increase by 80+ per month. We would like to see the same return on our Backbone page. 6. Budget Blobbing (Note – blob hosted on existing company site); Internal resources (I. E. Taft time in drafting posts, commenting on other sites, monitoring/managing comments) based on one post per week and daily comments on other sites – estimated time three and a half hours per week. 182 hours per annum @ ??10 per hour = ??1 ,820. SEE Regularly monitor search engine rankings and evaluating higher ranking competitor sites; Analyzing Google analytics and using Google keyword tool to update site copy, optimizing with search engine friendly keywords; – estimated time one hour per week. 52 hours per annum @ ??10 per hour = ??520.

Google towards Toward campaign preparation; Keyword research, evaluating competitor adverts, analytics, revising ad copy, – one hour per week ??520 Monthly toward spend of ??200 – ??2,400 Total ??2,980 Social Networking Twitter – estimated one hour (interspersed) per day ??3,650 Backbone – estimated two hours per week – ??1,040 Linked – Create company profile; Become member of relevant groups and engage in discussions. Two hours per month – ??240. Total ??4,930 Initially trialing twice. Software ??300. Internal resources (time) 4 hours per newsletter & cost of table quiz x 2 ??300 Sub Total 7.

Measure and Iterate June & July 2013 ??10850 * Refinements to existing social media channels Set up of new social media channels * SEE of website * Blob creation * First trial of email marketing August * Start Google towards campaign * Blob stories on-going * Maintenance of social media channels * Monitoring of SEE September * Second trial of email marketing * Google towards continued October – December * Continued maintenance of social networking website including Backbone, Twitter, Linked January 2014 * Google towards revisited Linked February – May Linked Google analytics will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Events internal and external will be promoted through all social media channels and online activity.

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