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Global Dream Immigration Consultancy a country’s Immigration consultancy, helping obtain visas for international clients every day. They are nationwide network of immigration lawyers with over 20 years of experience. They offer essential services such as help in short term tourist visas, work permits, Work to Residency Programmer, which offer the right to apply for permanent residency, assist with the application for marriage visas, unmarried and fiance?? visas, searching for jobs, organizing international students, exchanging currency and much more.

To define CICS marketing goals for the organization; the digital marketing drivers are deemed substantial drawing from the context of the pull and push digital marketing technologies to sustain in the market of digital era. Web site/blobs and streaming media (audio and video) are for consideration. Alternatively, Email and SMS are another context of push digital marketing to further enhance customer service of the organization. For example, I sent an email to their website (ICC) to enquire about immigration concern. I have not received immediate response or automated answering engine confirming that my email was received.

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He further state that a competent digital marketing must focus on these three areas rosily, acquisition- anticipating traffic for a website using advertisement ads, video, social media and the like either it is paid or owned must be acquired in the order of priority to determine spending cost and effort to focus on. Secondly, behavior- customers’ behavior is curricular an effective digital marketing campaign. Target the audience and keep them entice by your unique proportionately experience for a longer period.

Thirdly, outcomes-with all the efforts of advertisement, cost, time and energy, this must be converted into something valuable to the business bottom – line. After all, business is all about value you can offer to your clients and what the clients can get out of their money. “One of the best kept secrets in social media is the fact that not all success is organic- it doesn’t always need to happen on its own (S. Baling, 2011). Early on, the concept of digital marketing can seem daunting.

Nonetheless, the potential benefits to small and medium businesses are enormous. The huge impact of the internet means the increasing number of businesses that engage with their customers using marketing to improve their existence like never before. Greater benefits for small and medium businesses can be found by matching the digital marketing strategies to your target audience. Using social media especially aimed for young adults who are the prime target of the business like Backbone, Twitter, Pinsetters, Google+ and the like.

Undoubtedly, digital methods of communication and marketing are quick, flexible, cost-effective and modernized, so it is therefore unexpected once a new technology became available we move forward to the digital age. The good news is that digital offers Just as much potential to marketers as it does to stakeholders (B. Mammon, 2011). The truth is digital marketing is infinitely affordable compared to the traditional offline marketing methods. The powerful case for integrating a digital element into the marketing is that electronic media forms are quickly invading traditional forms of information consumption.

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