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The Augusta Predators MLB -ream Executive Summary Major League Baseball, or better known simply as the MLB, is the North American professional baseball league that consists of the National and American Leagues’. With seventeen states in the United States housing twenty-eight teams, one team located in the District of Columbia, and one team located in Toronto, Canada, the MLB is both nationally and internationally known, as it is broadcasted to 233 countries and translated into seventeen different languages. However, one state rich in history that as been absent of a professional team is Maine.

With the addition that it is considered the safest state in the United States, Maine is full to current and potential fans that would benefit from a MLB team. The Augusta Predators is a brand new MLB team that will be located in Augusta, the capital of Maine. The creation of this professional baseball organization will not only bring the excitement and magnitude of a professional sports team to the residents of Augusta, but will provide an opportunity to the state of Maine and nearby states to be close to a quality baseball team.

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As this team will be regulated by the MLB, the official schedule of team events and competition will begin in March and end in September, with the possibility of games being extended into October pending a spot in the post-season. Additionally, the Augusta Predators hope to entice local MLB fans and future fans, as well as garner the attention of MLB fans both nationally and internationally. Through this, the Augusta Predators can start, as well as continue to grow into one of the largest sources of entertainment in the state of Maine, as well as the MLB.

The detailed descriptions and analysis of the content within this marketing plan will be categorized through the following five points, which are as follows; product, place, price, promotion and public relations. The information defining these five points will be accurate and decisive, completely covering all required information regarding the Augusta Predators. The state of Maine is a beautiful state located in the northeastern United States. Similarly, its capital, Augusta, is both historically and culturally diverse, with nearly 0,000 people calling it home.

Although this number isn’t as staggering as some populations, we hope to market the Augusta Predators not only to the city of Augusta, but to all of Maine, the surrounding states, and possibly internationally. This will achieved through the use of multiple media outlets, including local TV stations, Augusta Predators will be offering sponsorship opportunities to local and national businesses. Through different packages and prices, we hope to allow businesses of all kinds to associate themselves with the Augusta Predators.

As a supplement to our ongoing campaign to increase the awareness and popularity of the Augusta Predators, the organization will associate certain charities, as well as other community-related services and groups. Through this, as well as the previously listed information, we hope to become widely known and represent Augusta and the state of Maine in a respectable manner to the rest of the MLB. Table of Contents Mission Statement Demographics Target Market Analysis Structure Table Place Augusta, Maine Overview Price Ticket Pricing Guide Overlay Packages Opportunities Promotion

Advertising Through Media Public Relations Public Relation Budget Budget Overview SWOT Analysts Conclusion 2 Product 4 MLB Fan 5 Augusta 6 Consumer Analysis and 7 Industry 8 Organizational 9 Events Time- 10 11 City 12 13 Stadium 15 suite 16 Sponsorship 17 19 20 21 24 Our mission is to provide the citizens of Maine and surrounding areas with the excitement and opportunity of attending or viewing a professional baseball game primarily located in Augusta, the state capital.

As a team and organization, we plan on increasing, as well as widening, the fan base within Maine and closely urrounding states, as well as growing into one of the main sources of entertainment in the area. By partnering with certain companies and organizations, we hope to increase the quality and atmosphere of this experience into one unavailable anywhere else. MLB Fan Demographics2 DEMOGRAPHIC AVID FAN LOYAL FAN AGE 18-24 25-34 GENDER Men Women 11% 65% 35% 45-54 55-64 RACE/ETHNICITY White 85% African-American Spanish/Hispanic HOUSEHOLD INCOME FAN 39% 85% “Cleveland Indians Progressive Field. ” Cleveland Indians Progressive Field. 5-44 57% 43% (2013): “History of the Game. ” History of the Game. . d. n. page. Web. 20 Nov. 2013.. “Largest Cities In Maine. ” Largest Cities In Maine n. pag. Geonames. Web. 20 Nov 2013. . “The Maine Compact for Higher Education. ” The Maine Compact for Higher Education.. “MLB International. ” MLB International. MLB. Web. 20 Nov 2013.. Ozanian, Mike. “The Business of Baseball. ” The Business of Baseball. 2012.

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